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Each of the four M1A1 tanks in your platoon has six viewpoints. Four of these Viewpoints are views from inside a tank. The fifth is the mapboard, and the sixth a view from outside a tank.

TC Unbuttoned gives the view from the tank commander's (TC's) hatch when open. This position provides the best view of the battlefield. You can control directly the caliber .50 heavy machine-gun and the turret-side smoke grenade launchers.

TC Buttoned gives the view through vision blocks around the closed commander's hatch. This view is poorer than unbuttoned and lacks night-vision aids, but the TC is safe from nearby explosions. As before, you control the heavy machine-gun and smoke grenade launchers.

Gunner gives the view from the Gunner's Primary Sight (GPS). The field of view is limited, but magnification and night vision devices are the best on the tank. The gunner controls the turret, including the laser rangefinder, 120mm main gun and the coaxial machine-gun.

Driver gives the view from the driver's seat. This perspective is less useful because it's lower to the ground and lacks magnification. It does have a night-viewer (an image intensifier). The driver controls the direction and speed of the tank hull.

The Mapboard gives an overview of the entire battlefield. The view can be zoomed in and out for more detail. Windows of data about friendly and enemy forces appear to the right. You must use the map to exercise platoon command functions; see "Orders & The Mapboard" (pages 54-67) for details.

Outside places you outside the vehicle, on the battlefield, looking at your tank. It lets you watch what's happening as if it were a movie. See "Simulation Controls" (pages 68-69) for details.

Your controls are divided into four categories: Controls

Vehicle Controls: These control the internal functions of a single tank. They are equivalent to pressing buttons, turning dials, and moving handgrips in the real vehicle. When using these controls you are "overriding" the crewman at that position, taking over his job. Hopefully you'll do better than he.

Viewpoint Controls: These move you from one viewpoint to another. If you move to a viewpoint inside the vehicle, you can watch the crewman operating the controls. If you touch a vehicle control, the crewman stops and you take over. When you leave a viewpoint the crewman takes over from you.

Vehicle Orders: These direct a single vehicle to perform some action, such as move forward, open fire, cease fire, etc. The vehicle crew does what's necessary to execute your orders, although their speed and accuracy depends on their individual skill.

Platoon Orders: Platoon orders allow you to tell an entire group of vehicles

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