The Spells Menu

A place in the Spells Menu is reserved for each of the 24 spells to be found in Magic Carpet. A spell automatically homes in on the nearest aggressive target when cast (as long as the target is near the center of the screen), so the real trick is not aiming the spell but selecting the right one for the occasion. The 24 spells are:

possess accelerate (forward)

earthquake-crater lightning Bolt lightning Storm steal mana possess accelerate (forward)

earthquake-crater lightning Bolt lightning Storm steal mana









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castle invisible shield volcano - meteor mana magnet undead army teleport duel rapid fireball accelerate global death (backward)

castle invisible shield volcano - meteor mana magnet undead army teleport duel rapid fireball accelerate global death (backward)

Fireball - Launch a ball of destructive fire at your enemies. Possess - Take control of any building or mana.

Create Castle - Use this spell to build a fortress to protect your mana. When cast, a hot air balloon is launched that gathers your mana. Additional castle spells can be cast on the same site, expanding the castle and launching more balloons.

Accelerate (forward) - Propel yourself out of trouble at breakneck speed. Hold down the mouse button to achieve maximum speed. To cancel the spell, press the down cursor key.

Heal - If you have enough mana available, this returns your health bar to maximum whenever it's depleted by an enemy attack.

Shield - Absorbs three-quarters of the energy of the spells launched by your nemesis.

Rapid Fireball - Makes the fireball spell look like a cheap card trick. Unleash multiple balls of flame in rapid succession to devastating effect.

Accelerate (backwards) - Disappear to the rear at a tremendous rate.

Beyond Sight - Gives the All-Seeing Eye greater power than before, revealing the location of all the other players.

Mana Magnet - Gathers all the mana in the immediate vicinity into one large ball, making it all the easier for your balloon to collect.

Lightning Bolt - This spell's electric, shooting bolts of electricity from your fingertips. Hold down the mouse for a continuous stream of lightning that locks onto a target and makes shish kebab out of him.

Meteor - Summon almighty rocks and hurl them at any hapless foe who crosses your path.

Invisible - Cloaks you in a mask of invisibility for a time. However, as soon as you cast a spell you can be spotted by both players and monsters.

Rebound - Deflects incoming fire spells back to where they came from, so that no harm is done to you and your opponent risks injury.

Steal Mana - Rob evil sorcerers of their hard-earned mana using this spell.

Duel to the Death - Locks two players together for some immortal combat. When you've a foe in your sights cast this spell and they can only escape by using the Accelerate spell.

Wall of Fire - Do I need to spell this one out? Create an impenetrable wall of flame to confound your enemies.

Teleport - This spell instantly transports you to your castle, for the purpose of defense or to recharge with mana power. Cast it again to return to your original location.

Crater - Not as powerful as the Earthquake spell, this adds a large crater to the landscape.

Undead Army - Raise an army of red-cloaked skeletons to attack rival wizards, their castles and balloons.

Earthquake - Cast this spell to confound land-based monsters by opening a huge crevice under their feet. But don't waste your time trying to cast this spell in water.

Lightning Storm - Unleash a storm of white hot electricity, which shoots off in all directions and destroys everything within its radius.

Volcano - Creates a gigantic eruption of red hot lava from the bowels of the earth, destroying everything in the vicinity. An extra advantage of this spell are the periodic eruptions which inflict further damage.

Global Death - Sends out a shockwave that proves fatal to anything caught within its influence.

Spell Mana

When an occupied spell box is highlighted, a mana bar is revealed. A small white dot is added to the bar for every time the spell can be cast; the whole bar must be filled in grey before a dot is added. Some of the higher spells remain inactive in the spells menu until you have built up a large amount of mana in your castle.

spell mana ba;

Assigning Spells

To assign a mouse button, simply highlight the spell and press either the left or right mouse button.

Occupied spell boxes contain a spell icon and a number; to assign a different number (up to 10), highlight the spell with the pointer and simply press the preferred keyboard number. On the Game Screen you can cast these spells by first pressing down the keyboard number, and then pressing either the left or right mouse button.

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