Improving heroes

The longer they are out adventuring, the more your heroes increase in skill level. They do this by gaining experience (measured in points). Once a hero reaches a certain threshold of experience, that hero's level increases by one. Getting to higher levels is more difficult, as each promotion requires progressively more time and experience.

When heroes go up in level, they get more hit points, they might get better at a particular skill, and they also ean gain new spells or skills. The list of actions that heroes can undertake to gain experience is quite long, anil to some degree, it is unique for each hero class. In general, if heroes are in the field adventuring, they are gaining experience. However, there are ways that you can promote heroes and make them better at what they do without risking them in the field.


The Fairgrounds provide two ways in which heroes can seek sell-improvement. First, heroes ean purchase upgrades to their combat skills. Second, they can take part in tournaments.

Tournaments are events held at the Fairgrounds. Each type of tournament focuses on refining a different one of your heroes' combat skills. The focus might be melee, archery, or magic, and there are combination tourneys, too. Heroes that use the relevant skills are attracted to the Fairgrounds for practice. Combination tournaments are open to heroes using all types of combat skills.

Heroes who perform admirably in a tournament stand to gain experience and possibly even some bonus gold. By selecting the tournament type, you can guide specific classes of heroes to improvement. You can also close down the tournaments to force your heroes into the field.


Libraries have several positive effects 011 your heroes. For starters, just having a Library in your kingdom boosts the intelligence of all heroes recruited after the Library has been built. However, the Library's most valuable role is in developing magical abilities. Using this building's research features, you are able to train your Wizards to use new spells and improve their intelligence. You can also teach intelligent characters new magic (even non~spelleasters), and afford them the opportunity to increase their magic resistance.


Heroes can improve their equipment as well as their statistics and skills. This happens when they visit different buildings throughout your kingdom. Read the Reference section for all the details, but here are a few of the more useful examples.

Blacksmiths sell better weapons and armor to your heroes, but you have to spend gold in order to research each new level of improvement.

Wizards Guilds enchant your heroes" weapons and armor, as long as they are willing to pay for the service. Knehantcd weapons and armor add to damage and protection.

If you have a level two Rogues Guild, heroes can pay to have their weapons poisoned. A poisoned combatant slowly loses hit points over a given amount of time, ll is quite possible that the infected character will die before the poison wears off.

Marketplaces also sell helpful items to heroes, though you must research each item in order for it to be available. , At level one. you can get Healing Potions. Level two offers Rings of Protection, and the third level Marketplace introduces Amulets of Teleportation.

Heroes might also find improved weapons and armor as they adventure. Some lairs have hiddeu caches, which become available when the lair is destroyed.

Orphaned Heroes_

If a Temple or Guild is destroyed and heroes supported by that building decide to return home, the heroes note the lack of a home to return to and assume that their services are 110 longer needed. The heroes then walk to the Palace, enter, and leave your kingdom.

If, however, you build an appropriate replacement Guild or Temple, before the homeless heroes reach the Palace, then the new structure adopts the orphaned heroes. This does not change the maximum number of heroes that the Guild or Temple can support.

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