Casting During Combat

When attempting to cast a spell during combat by selecting the spell button, you may be asked to choose which spellbook to use. This choice decides who is actually casting the spell, your wizard or an active hero on the battlefield (assuming that hero has some spell casting ability). When there is no spell casting hero at the battle or if such a hero is not presently the active unit, you only get to use your own spellbook.

Every combat allows you to spend up to your spell casting skill in magic power to influence the battle. This magic power is drawn directly from your mana reserves and, therefore, the size of your mana reserves may limit the amount of magic power you can spend during a battle (if your mana reserves have less magic power than you can theoretically use, based on your spell casting skill).

In addition to your wizard's ability to cast spells during each battle turn, heroes with magic abilities can also cast spells each battle turn when they are the active unit. (Your wizard can cast spells when any unit is active). Such heroes start every combat with an amount of mana equal to their spell casting skill level. Some heroes also have their own spellbooks with special spells (in addition to those in their controlling wizard's spellbook) from which they can choose combat spells to cast.

The heroes' own mana can also be used to make regular ranged magic attacks, at a cost of three mana per attack.

See the information under Spells in Combat for more details.

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