Spell Casting

To cast spells either overland or during combat, you must first get to your spellbooks. For overland spells, click on the main movement screen's spells button; during combat, click on the spell button.

After you open your spellbook, all spells available for casting appear. You can turn the pages of the spellbook by clicking on the upper corners of the pages.

Below each spell, you can see symbols that indicate the magic type of the spell (white ankh for life magic, purple skull for death, red fireball for chaos, green tree for nature and blue diamond for sorcery magic). The number of symbols under the spell indicates the number of turns it takes to cast the spell if you are casting overland. The number of symbols also indicates the number of times you can cast the spell if you are casting during combat.

Choose a spell to cast by left-clicking on the spell name. Right-clicking on a spell calls up its description.

Outside of combat, spells that are currently being cast appear in glowing letters with the number of symbols below them equivalent to the number of turns left before casting is complete.

During overland casting, click on a spell to abort the casting effort. Note that all magic power already spent on the spell is permanently lost. Clicking on a new spell also aborts the old spell, but chooses a new spell to start casting. In this case, all the magic power already gathered to cast the old spell is funneled into casting the new one; excess mana (if there is any) is lost.

To abort a combat spell, left-click on the cancel button that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen before choosing a target. Note that you can only abort combat spells that have unique targets.

Spells cannot be cast without magic power, and the amount of magic power required to cast a spell is called its casting cost. During overland casting, the number of symbols under a spell's name signifies the estimated number of game turns required to complete casting the spell (under current conditions); during combat, the number of symbols signifies how many times that spell can be cast during the battle, given the number of remaining spell casting skill points or the amount of mana left in the reserve.

When casting spells overland or during combat, the amount of mana you have to work with (per game turn for gathering enough magic power to cast a non-combat spell and per battle for combat) is equivalent to your spell casting skill.

There are a few, mostly combat, spells that can be made stronger by spending more magic power when casting them. These spells can take an input of up to five times the base cost of the spell (limited by available mana reserves or spell casting skill). When you cast a spell of this type, a window appears in which you can choose how much magic power to add to the spell (to increase the spell's strength). Click on and then drag the nub in the window to choose the amount of additional mana, if any, to put into the spell.

Click on the red ribbon at the bottom of your spellbook to close it.

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