Targeting Controls

Your targeting reticle is a multifunction display crucial to your weapon success. Its movement is controlled via the mouse, joystick or keyboard. Moving the mouse defaults to moving the reticle on the HUD but does not move your 'Mech. Press (T] or the right mouse button to lock the reticle to its current position. Moving the mouse now moves your 'Mech's torso.

To switch to the other mouse control mode, press [Ctrl 0 on the numeric keypad. In this mode or if you are using a joystick, the reticle is locked to the center of the HUD and your 'Mech's torso moves as you move your mouse or joystick. (This control mode is similar to previous Mech-Warrior games.) If you press L or the right mouse button, the reticle is locked in the centre of your view and moving your mouse or joystick now moves your MechWarrior's head. (This mode is similar to a virtual cockpit.)

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