Pistol class


The standard sidearm of Italian Army officers is the Beretta Model 34, a simple, reliable, small pistol with good stopping power. Composed of only 39 parts, this semiautomatic handgun can consistently deliver up to 40 9mm rounds in one minute. It weighs less than two pounds, and its versatility ensures that it sees action at every Italian front.

riflf class


The Italian Army's standard-issue rifle is the Carcano Model 91. The Carcano's basic design is getting old. as it was originally commissioned in 1892. Yet this is a trend-setting firearm, with a tiny caliber of just 7.35mm. which will soon be normal for military rifles. It has a short barrel and a fixed aim of 500 meters. It feeds six rounds per clip through bolt action, but the rifle's design makes it very difficult to load and fire single shots.

sniper rifle class


Legendary among snipers and the soldiers who fear them, the British No.4 Mkl(T) is a remarkable weapon. Each one begins as a standard Enfield rifle that is handpicked for its extraordinary accuracy. It is then shipped to a quality gunsmith where the stock is replaced and a scope is fitted. These highly accurate rifles are durable and comfortable to shoot, making them a marksman's dream in combat. They fire a 7.62mm high-velocity bullet from a 10-round magazine, and can be accurate up to a thousand meters.

sijhmaciiine gun class


This unique Italian weapon is highly sought after by soldiers on both sides of the front. Even the Italians can't get their hands on them fast enough, as they were issued only to paratroopers until 1943. These lightweight weapons have two separate triggers, one for semi-automatic and one for automatic fire. They use the same 9mm ammunition as the Beretta Model 34 pistol, firing up to 500 rounds per minute They are revered prizes of war for the few Allied troops who manage to capture one.

ii1lwy machine (.in class



The Italian Army has just one type of heavy machine gun at their disposal, the Breda 3D. If there was another option, Italian soldiers would take it. The Breda 30 is mechanically awkward, slow to reload, hard to keep clean, notoriously inaccurate, and the barrel must be changed incessantly. Vet despite its drawbacks the Italians manage to use it fairly effectively, and any sane soldier would prefer to be behind the sights of a Breda rather than in front of them. VICKERS BERTHIER MK3B

Very similar in appearance and functionality to the Bren, the Vickers-Berthier was in direct competition with the Bren to become the British Army light machine gun in the early 1930s, tt lost, and Vickers gave up manufacturing the weapon. The Indian Army took up production, however, using these guns throughout World War II. It weighs only 22 pounds and can fire tan 7.7mm rounds in one second.

lti\700ka ( lass


The British PIAT (projector infantry Anti-Tank) takes a unique approach to the problem of launching projectiles at heavy mechanized vehicles, instead of guiding a self-propelled charge like a U.S. Bazooka, the PIAT actually launches the projectile using a highly compressed spring. Cocking the spring, which requires about 200 pounds of force, is notoriously difficult, and firing it requires heavy pressure from all four trigger fingers. Nevertheless the PIAT is a capable tank-killer that can launch high explosive charges up to 700 yards or more, although at thai distance you don't stand much of a chance of hitting your target.

light artillery class


The Italians developed the Cannone Da TS as a light howitzer to serve them In the mountains. It was originally designed to be broken down into eight loads for easy transport through difficult terrain, and soon proved itself to be a useful little weapon. So the Italians adapted it for general use throughout the army, placing it on a standard carriage. It fires a 14-pound, 3" diameter shell

First produced in Germany in 1935. the Bdhler 47mm anti-tank gun soon saw widespread use and was licensed for production in Italy. The Italians went on to manufacture so many of these guns that they have became known as an indigenous Italian weapon, the Cannone Da 47/32 M35. This gun fires a 1.5-pound, 1.85" diameter shell with enough force to penetrate two inches of armor plating at 50Q yards.

<> Both Italian cannons require basic field assembly prior to firing. ■» To take control of the cannon, press T. *» To assemble the weapon, right-click your mouse (secondary attack). =* To fire, left-click your mouse (primary attackl. -» To detach from the cannon, press T.

up to two miles.


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