Activating an Abandoned Rebel Colony

When the rebel colony has been abandoned, the dark blue triangle changes into a light blue dot, just like the one that marks your home colony. You can assume ownership of the rebel colony by left-clicking on the Site Map where the rebel colony is located, then left-clicking on the rebel Command Center. You will then be able to see the rebel colony executive report. When multiple colonies are available, clicking on any Command Center makes that the active colony. Until another colony's Command Center is selected, all reports you see will relate to the active colony only.

When you assume the operation of a rebel colony, you will have the capability of bulldozing their structures and rebuilding the colony, or starting to build new structures right away using standard building methods.

A right-click on any friendly Command Center will bring up the Move Colonists interface. This little box asks for the number of colonists you'd like to move, which colony you'd like to move them from, and which colony you'd like to move them to. After you fill in your responses, run a turn to move that portion of your population.

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