Activating New Robots with Robot Command

However they are produced, new robots need to be stored in a warehouse, from which they are available to Robot Command units. Each Robot Command facility can operate 10 robots. If you want to operate 11 robots, you will need to build a second Robot Command facility.

If a robot factory has produced robots, and a warehouse exists to store the robots, and at least one Robot Command facility exists to operate 10 of the robots, they will appear in your Tile Picker window so that you can place them on the Tile Map. If all the currently available robots are active, no robots of that type will appear in the Tile Picker window.

The radius of a Robot Command area is unlimited if you have a Communications Satellite in orbit (assuming you packed one when you left Earth). If you have no Communications Satellite, Communications

Towers must be built to extend the range of your robominers and other robots. Each Robot Command facility and each Communication Tower have a communications radius of 30 tiles.

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