Macromanagement Through Artificial Intelligence

The chrome ball icon at the bottom left of your screen represents your Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Your AI will serve many critical functions, including warning you of impending disasters and allowing you access to a general help file. When your research in the field of computer science has developed sufficiently, you can switch from micromanagement to macromanagement through the use of multiple AI managers.

You've been overseeing every aspect of colony management since you started the game, which can be a logistical nightmare when dealing with multiple colonies. Multiple AI managers can handle some of the administrative tasks so that you won't have to worry about every clogged toilet on the planet.


Please note that when multiple AI managers are first made available to you, they may be unstable. You must do sufficient research into AI personalities to ensure that your AI managers will respond to your commands in an appropriate way. If you are dealing with an unstable A I , you may tell him to build Agricultural Domes for 200 turns, only to find after 200 turns that he's been building Communications Towers. And if your AI screws up, you can be sure that in this, as in all things, your population will blame you.

With macromanagement capability, you have the ability to specialize an individual colony's function. With the basic necessities of life and connections to a few good mines, a colony can become a power center, a recycling c e n te r, a smelting complex, a storage complex, a bedroom community, or a shopping mall. As long as these specialized colonies are connected by trucking or a good Monorail network, then you have a powerful method of management available to outwit your competition.

Once the multiple AI personality research has been completed, one new personality will be generated approximately every 100 turns.

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