In an attempt to maintain a realistic feel to Outpost, we've made the people as fickle and capricious as possible. As you are the leader of the colony, you bear the brunt when morale is low. The good news is that morale in your new home is like morale here on Earth. If you're an effective politician, you can manipulate it to your benefit.

You must always try to keep the morale of your population as high as possible. Morale has a direct effect on factory production, population production, the death rate, research, and the defection rate. The most effective way to manipulate morale is to provide the colonists with Luxury Items. The more Luxury Items your colonists have, the happier they are.

Police have an effect on morale. You can define the attitude of the police yourself. Are they hostile toward the population? Then morale will be affected negatively. But hostile police also reduce the crime rate significantly, which affects morale in a positive way. Benevolent police, while impacting morale positively, don't have much of an effect on the crime rate.

A Red Light District has an effect on morale as well. This is an unusual structure, because you can place it on the Tile Map, or it can generate spontaneously because of a high crime rate. The Red Light District increases morale and the birth rate, but draws two luxury units per turn from the storage area which might otherwise have been distributed to the population. If the crime rate remains high, more and more of your residential areas will turn into Red Light Districts. You can reduce the number of Red Light Districts by building more Police Stations near trouble areas.

Double your pleasure, as morale soars from two Red Light Districts.

Humanoid robot workers increase the morale level. Your population is composed mostly of scientists, and they feel they are overqualified for factory work. They want to work in research labs, but someone must work in the factories. If you can provide robot workers for factories, freeing the colonists to work in research facilities, you'll affect morale in a positive way.

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