Seed Factory and Robominer Placement

Use the Elevation Map on the Site Map window to choose a landing area. The clear terrain is marked in black, so the best locations are black with red dots (which mark potential mines identified from orbit).

When you place the Seed Factory, a red "X" will appear on the diamond-shaped Tile Map. Run a turn by left-clicking on the small planet in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The turn number will appear below the planet. When you see the Seed Lander on the map (in place of the red "X"), you can start running turns to get the Seed Factory started. Construction tiles and prefabricated tubes will appear.

While the Seed Factory is building itself, place a robominer from the Tile Picker window on one of the red mining beacons nearby. If you don't see a mining beacon, scroll to that position on the map by clicking on the Tile Map arrows and watch the box on the Site Map to line it up with a red dot. When you place a robominer on the red mining beacon, you will see the robot replace the beacon. It will take several turns for the first level of the mine to be dug, after which resources can be moved to the Seed Smelter.

As you run your first turns, keep using the robodozer to clear terrain around your Seed Factory. Also place a robodigger at the end of one of the tubes at the Seed Factory construction site so that it can start digging your first underground level. When the robodigger is finished digging, the robodigger on the map will be replaced with the top of an air shaft.

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