Scenario Tactics

Learn the scenarios: Although real tank commanders in World War II never had the opportunity to go back and replay scenarios, you do, and you should take advantage of that opportunity. In some cases, as in real war, the information you will receive during a briefing is flawed or incomplete. Similarly, advantages in terrain and weak spots in the enemy's positions can be found only through repeated play. If you fail a scenario, try it again right away while it is still fresh in your mind. When you succeed, make a note of what you did. This will help later, especially when you play multiplaycr games against other human opponents.

Make a detailed plan: Take a few minutes to check out your briefing thoroughly. Do not forget to check the advice of your ADC (by clicking on the exclamation point to the right of the briefing map). Then, decide what you want to do and how you arc going to do it. Use the map to figure out where die best terrain is for movement, ambush, and so on. Consider the enemy's probable plan and see if you can find any weak spots. Then make a backup plan, in case your original plan falls apart. Prepare for contingencies; what if the enemy counterattacks at the bridge? Be prepared. Once you have begun the scenario, check your resources. Look at your map, see what kind of artillery support you have, look at the sky (yes, ground lighting is a reflection of the sky darkness - a dark sky will reduce spotting range). Take these factors into account when carrying out your plan and use every advantage you have.

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