Air Defense Class AD

Air defense class units represent both towed and self-propelled air defense units. In Panzer General II, they are armed with weapons that vary In size from 12.7mm (.50 caliber) to 90mm. They can attack enemy aircraft at ranges of zero to three hexes. In general, they are good at damaging enemy Fighter (FTR) and Tactical Bomber (TB) class units but are very vulnerable to any type of attack. They fire at any enemy TB unit that attempts to attack one of your units, If It Is adjacent to or within range of the AD unit In question. This makes them very useful In screening units vulnerable to air attack. These units are Important If you need to deny the enemy the advantages of air superiority, but do not have the air units required to beat him In the skies In air to air combat. They are also very valuable when neither side has air superiority, and you do not have enough FTR class units to cover all the units you command and still conduct offensive air operations. Since fighters are very expensive, modestly priced AD units serve as a valuable resource. It Is very expensive to maintain an 'Air Force' In Panzer General 11, especially one that Is not used correctly. The enemy's FTR and TB units cannot 'trade punches' with, nor operate In the area of, a well placed net of AD units for very long. Attempting to do so Is very costly, and your AD units are much less expensive to replace. Self-propelled AD units are far more flexible than towed AD units. They can move, and be ready for action Immediately after moving, while towed units must wait until your next turn to dismount from their transport and fire/defend against enemy air attack. Self-propelled AD units are Ideal for supporting an attack, since they can move with your attacking ground units and be constantly ready for action. This allows units Involved In the breakthrough to keep attacking deeper Into enemy territory, and to do so with greater speed while being protected from enemy TB units — all of which will aid you In victory.

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