In a multiplayer game, you have the option of chatting with other players In the game. The Chat panel pops up when you receive a message. To send a message to one or all of the other players during game play, click on the Chat button on the Main Game screen. The Chat panel appears.

Selected Player

Exit Chat

Exit Chat

The upper text box shows chat entered by you and received from others. Each player's text Is written In a different color. Below the Messages Sent and Received box Is a smaller text bar. Click Inside this text bar and type to enter a message, and press Enter to send that message. Your message automatically goes to all players In the game.

If you wish to chat with only certain players, click on the Chat button, then select the recipients by clicking on their number, which appears next to the flag of their primary nation. Selected players numbers are depressed and gold tone; unselected players have raised, silver tone numbers. After you select players to chat with, enter your message In the text box at the bottom of the screen as normal. Unselected players are unable to see your message. Once again, If you do not select specific recipients before entering your message, all players receive your message. Click on the Exit button, on the left side of the screen, to remove the Chat panel.

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