The Poles put up a pretty stiff defense against the Wehrmacht here. Though Mlawa lies almost directly north of Warsaw, the German objectives actually lay to the east and south, toward Ciechanow. German leaders considered It politically very Important to present eastern Poland to the Soviet Union as a gift, rather than have the Soviets conquer It for themselves. The Kempf panzer division, a hastily thrown-together outfit which later became the 10th Panzer Division, was supposed to move quickly past the frontier fortifications and head for Brest-Lltovsk on the new German-Soviet border. Instead, the Poles Inflicted serious damage on the panzer unit, and It did not participate further In the Polish campaign. Polish cavalry In turn Invaded East Prussia, deeply embarrassing the German army.

Players should not be misled by the quick conquest of Poland In the historical campaign. Individual Polish units fought very hard for their country, and where they faced fairly even odds, the Poles often frustrated the German advance. The Polish regular Infantry Is at least as good as Its German counterpart, though It Is not nearly as well-supplied with modern artillery. The Polish reservists are no worse than the German Landwehr division. The Polish cavalry Is superior to the German cavalry brigade. Unfortunately for the Poles, It has nothing to match even a second-rate panzer unit like the Kempf division.

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