Ground Classes Anti Aircraft

The primary use of the anti-aircraft AA class is to respond quickly to enemy air units. Unlike the air defense class, AA units may fire and move or vice versa and can attack ground units. AA units can keep up with a quick moving attack force, and if properly used, assist in mopping up enemy infantry. Protect AA units from enemy tank, anti-tank, and artillery units and you may find them very useful. Unlike air defense units, AA units must be in the same hex as enemy air units to attack them.

View Unit Statistics

The View Unit screen displays detailed information about the current unit. This information is important in evaluating the unit's combat capabilities. In campaign scenarios this screen also displays battle honors won by the unit for distinguished performance in particular battles.

Unit Menu

The Unit Menu appears when you left-click on a unit during battle. The Unit Menu provides options which are unique to the unit you have selected. You can choose to mount the unit if transport is available, purchase replacements and upgrades, disband, give your unit a name, examine unit statistics, go to another unit, or resupply. Be aware, however, that some of these commands require the unit's turn to execute, so once selected, the unit cannot do anything else that turn. ABORT MOVE not shown...


There are two types of supply ammunition and fuel. Each time a unit shoots, it uses one point of ammo. Every movement point a unit uses costs it one point of fuel. Exceptions when the ground is covered with snow all non-air units use 2 fuel points for each movement point. At the end of each turn the following automatically resupply air units which are on or adjacent to airfields, naval units which are in port, and ground units which have not acted. Ground units may not resupply, however, if...

Unit Equipment Tables

The following information appears for each unit NAME Unit name DATE Date that unit is available VAL Prestige value of unit MVT Movement SPT Spotting FUEL Fuel AMM Ammunition INT Initiative RNG Range SA Soft Attack HA Hard Attack AA Air Attack NA Naval Attack GD Ground Defense AD Air Defense CD Close Defense TT Target Type Numbers in brackets indicate that the unit can only use these values when attacked. NAME DATE VAL MVT SPT FUEL AMM INT RNG SA HA AA NA GD AD CD TT NAME DATE VAL MVT SPT FUEL...