The game was designed in such a way that everything can be controlled using the mouse. The left mouse button selects while the right mouse buttons moves your ships to the specified locations.

Left Mouse Button

You can select objects in the main view using the left mouse button. Usually, a menu will then pop up or information about the object will be displayed. Clicking on an empty space will deselect the object.

Left click on...


your own ships

select the ship

omeone else's ship

display information about the ship (not

a position in the sea and then dragging the

always accurate)

mouse pointer over several ships belonging

select several ships

to you

select the convoy. Another click on a ship in

your convoy in the city view

the convoy will select the ship and display

your own ship while pressing Ctrl

its load

a building with which interaction is possible

select several ships

a business or a dwelling

enter the building


display information

enquire their opinions

Right Mouse Button

Press the right mouse button to perform an action on the ship you previously selected. The following list will sum up all the possible interactions:

Right click on...


any position in the sea or a river

the ship will move to that position and wait


a city on the mini map or a city on the sea

a) the ship will move to that city and dock



b)if the ship is already docking there, the

trading window will be opened

an enemy ship during a sea battle

the enemy ship will be attacked automatically

a different ship of your own

The "move sailors"-window will be opened

Further uses of the right mouse button:

  • It can be used to close windows. Whenever a window pops up in the main view (e.g. if you receive a message), you can close it by pressing the right mouse button. If it cannot be closed, you will have to take an important action in that window first.
  • If you have a trading office in a city, you can open that city's trading window by right clicking on the city in the sea map view or the mini map.

Scrolling the main view using the mouse and the arrow keys

The main view can be scrolled by either moving the mouse to the boundaries of the screen or by using the arrow keys.

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