Forming a Convoy

As soon as you select a ship that is not part of convoy, a button will be enabled in the icon bar. Click on it if you want to form a convoy. However, there are certain restrictions, because at least one of your ships must be suitable as an orlogship, the leader of a convoy.

An orlogship must

  • not be damaged over 50%,
  • be armed sufficiently (weapons strength 10),
  • have a comparatively large crew (at least 20 men)
  • be led by a captain

If your ship does not meet these requirements, you will be informed. You can either try to upgrade your ship or add your ship to a public convoy formed by one of your competitors instead.

Private and public Convoys

If you have a suitable ship, you can choose to form a 'private' or a 'public' convoy. If it's a private convoy, it doesn't concern anyone but yourself. Treat it like any of your single ships: Just load it with the goods you need and specify a destination port...

If it's a public convoy, a notice is put up at the guild. Once you specify a destination port, the other players have five days' time to decide whether they would like to participate. A security message will appear, asking you whether you would like to sail in five days - confirm and wait for other ships to join you. Note: After the destination port has been confirmed, it can no longer be changed.

As soon as your public convoy reaches the destination, the other members will leave the convoy and do their own business as usual. As a reward for the safe voyage, you will receive a payment. The sum depends on the value of the goods that were transported and the distance travelled.

Disbanding a Convoy

A convoy will disband automatically when it reaches its destination (see above) or when the orlogship sinks, but you can split it up manually by clicking on the appropriate icon in the icon bar. If other people's ships are part of the convoy, you should be careful: Such incidents will get around quickly, and the other traders as well as the Hanseatic League will lose respect for you.

Joining a Convoy

You can join a public convoy that is currently in the same port as your own ship at any time. Just select your ship and then click on the convoy button in the ship menu. You can then choose the convoy you would like to join.

Removing a Ship from a Convoy

If you have changed your mind or need your ship elsewhere, you can remove your ship from a convoy whenever you like, even during the voyage. Select your ship and then choose 'Disband Convoy' from the icon bar. Another way is to simply send your ship to a different location by right clicking. This has no impact on your reputation, unless you are the owner of the orlogship.

Blocked Convoys

The conditions for blocked ships stated earlier also apply to convoys, but there are some special cases to consider:

Your orlogship is blocked

If your orlogship is one of the blocked ships, you will receive a message informing you that the entire convoy is blocked.

One of your ships within your convoy is blocked

You receive the usual message, but you are additionally asked whether you would like to remove the ship from the convoy, so that the remaining ships can sail. Click 'Sail' to do so.

One of your ships within someone else's convoy is blocked

You are out of luck in this case. The others will not wait for you to sort out your problems. They will sail away while you remain in the port.

Several different ships and convoys are blocked

Not every convoy will be listed separately. Always mind the following: Your own convoys will wait while other traders' convoys will sail without hesitating.

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