Expeditions can only be done with convoys because they are dangerous trips into unknown and potentially dangerous waters. Daring sailors will at first explore the Mediterranean. After all, tomatoes from the Provence are better than Dutch ones! And who knows what else there is to discover?

Whenever you send a convoy to the very southwest of the sea chart, the expedition window will open. There, your goods, your crew and your weapons will be listed. Now specify how much money you want your crew to use on their expedition and what commodities you are interested in (spices are always lucrative). Then select two places that are to be visited or mapped, and before you know it, your crew is ready to explore the mysteries of the south. One last hint: Decide for one uncharted place (for reputation) and one established trading centre (for money)! Rest assured that your heroes will bring home some valuable material.

Don't be surprised if you don't hear from your team for quite some time. You will not receive any news until they return to the waters of the Hanseatic League.

Expeditions will raise your standing - the Hanseatic League respects venturesome traders. However, promising discoveries won't remain a secret for long. They will be announced in the Guild (see chapter 10).

9 Trade, your daily Business s \

This chapter will give you some hints on trade between cities, which not only includes the buying and selling of goods at good prices, but also production, storage and transportation.

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