Setting up a Network Game

Network mode requires a TCP/IP network to be installed. All players must have the TCP/IP protocol installed and must be connected to the network.

In every game, there is a server that configures the game and one or more clients that connect to the server.

To configure a multiplayer game, select 'Multiplayer' from the main menu. Then select the game type, 'Network' in this case. Several buttons will be activated to the right. Choose 'Set up game' to spawn the server.

Note (regarding serial links):

Under Windows 98, a TCP/IP connection can also be established via a serial link. Note that the bandwidth is comparatively small. You might therefore experience lags during the game.

Game Settings

You then get to the game settings screen, which is identical to the one in single player mode. Here, the server determines the game type and specifies his data.

The Lobby

Once the game settings are confirmed, you get to the lobby. This is where all the players meet before the game begins.

The screen is divided into four areas:

Game Description

All the players will be able to see what options the server has selected. Personal Settings

Here, you can specify your name, your gender and your hometown. As soon as you confirm your data, it is registered and transferred to the other players.

The Player List

The player list lists all the players that are going to take part in the game. The server is at the very top of the list. The list consists of eight lines, each of which has a button to the left with which the server determines whether or not the line is available for a player to join. Whenever a player joins, his data will be displayed in a previously empty line.

When all the clients are ready, the server can launch the game by clicking on 'Start'. Note:

The number of players that are allowed to join is limited by the number of empty lines available. The server must adjust the number of available lines accordingly.

Chat Section

Here, players can talk to each other before the game begins. The chat section consists of a message window and an input line. Click on the input line to enter a message and press enter to send it off. It will then be displayed in the message window, visible for everyone.

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