Ships and Transport

If you sail the seas with just a pinch of salt aboard, you will soon see that the running costs of your business, which include the pay of your employees and repairs, will soon become unaffordable. You must try to use your ships to capacity! Settle for one ship in the beginning, at least until you find that you could easily afford to transport more goods. Also pay attention to the type of ship you are using: Snaikkas and crayers have a small storage space but they sail fast and are comparatively cheap. Moreover, only these types of ships can reach the river ports of Cologne, Thorn and Novgorod. Cogs and hulks are suited for mass transports, e.g. to transport goods like timber or corn, which are needed in large quantities. Also, once you equip these ships with cannons, they will put off pirates and will serve as great orlogships for convoys. (see also chapter 8)

When you have found a profitable trade route, the automatic trade feature might come in handy.

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