The Construction of Buildings

The Construction Menu

As soon as you own a trading office in a city, you can build further buildings. But there are certain restrictions: You need quite a bit of money (the money lender could help you out), and you have to accept geographic facts -there's no way you can build a mine in the middle of nowhere. Note that you have no influence on public buildings, such as the church, the town hall or the tavern.

Select an option from the construction menu and take a look at the buildings you can put up. Choose the building you want and then study the information you are given: the construction costs, the time it will take to build and the materials required. You will be told what materials you have at your disposal (at your office and aboard the ships you have at anchor). If your materials are insufficient, you are told whether the remaining materials are available in the city and what their price would be.

If it is currently impossible to construct the building you chose - either because the required materials are unavailable or because you don't you have enough money - a message will be displayed at the bottom of the selection window.

Putting up a Building

If all conditions are fulfilled, the view will change: All possible construction sites will be marked blue in the main view and in the mini map. Now move the mouse pointer to one of the blue sites. An outline of the new building will be displayed. Place the building using the left mouse button and then select 'build'. The money will be deducted and the construction site will soon be filled with life. Once the construction time elapses, your sparkling new building is ready for use - and you can decide whether you would like to build another building or rather do business as usual.

Construction Workers

There are about five construction teams in each city. If all of them are busy, the construction of your next building will have to wait - you will be informed as soon as you select one of the buildings from the menu.

Building Regulations

The construction of a building is a highly bureaucratic affair, and there are some regulations to abide by:

No Uncontrolled Expansion!

The municipality will ensure that people don't build their houses all over town. Certain areas will be assigned to you, so don't be surprised if you don't find a construction site although there is enough space available.

Public Interest Has Top Priority

In general, businesses can be built inside the city walls, but if there are few construction sites remaining, residential buildings have priority and you might have to build your business outside the city walls.

Zero Tolerance

When building trading offices, you will have to build them where the city wants them to be. You simply have no choice.

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