Traders on Trial

You might end up in court earlier than you think - if you commit a crime and are carefree enough to get caught (e.g. if you talk too loudly at the pub). But even if you don't feel responsible in any way, you could still be taken to court. The trial always takes place in your hometown - perhaps that's an advantage, perhaps not.

The Charge

No matter where you are, the prosecutor will find you. An official letter will inform you why legal proceedings have been have been instituted against you.

After one or two weeks, a verdict will be reached - you don't have to be present in court. If you have not taken any actions previously, you probably won't get around some form of punishment. A conviction always means an entry in the public chronicle - a kind of pillory.

Guilt and Redemption

You could be charged if you have been involved in any of the following: Contact with Criminals

Those who have to do with criminals like arms dealers, burglars or pirates are risking a charge if they are spotted by honest citizens. The price you pay for losing your innocence: a small fine and a loss of recognition in the cities involved.

The Trial

The Verdict

Ignoring a Boycott

Ignoring boycotts of the Hanseatic League can be expensive. If you are convicted, expect a medium fine and a loss of recognition in every town.


If you secretly act as a pirate, don't expect to get away with it. A high fine will have to be paid and the word of your wrongdoing will be spread throughout the Hanseatic League.

Hired Burglar is caught

If a burglar you hired is caught, he will probably squeal. Being the initiator, you will have to pay a high fine and bear a loss of recognition in the city where the crime was committed and in your hometown.

Hired Pirate is caught

The same applies to pirates you hired. You will lose your reputation as an honourable man and lots of money.

False Accusations

Life isn't fair! You can be accused of a crime even though you've always been respectable and have never had contact with any dubious criminals. Especially as a rich, decent trader, you are often confronted with ridiculous accusations.

In case you are convicted, expect a moderate sentence: Only between 0.2 and 0.8% of your money will be taken away - it seems that the judges aren't totally convinced. The same applies to the population, for your recognition remains the same.

If you do not mind a little distress and unpleasant surprises, you can calmly await political and judicial decisions. Dynamic people, however, prefer to tempt their fate. If you meet the right people at the right time and have some gold coins to spare, you can avoid some difficult situations: Go to the public bath of the town in question and bribe some influential people! Elections and decisions might be going your way.

As you know from the previous chapter, only two people can be bribed effectively per town. Addressing further people is a waste of time and money.

Influencing a Voting

If you have bribed someone successfully, he will vote whatever you decide on. During the voting, he will wait five seconds for you to cast your vote and then vote for the same. If you wait too long, he will vote freely (and unpredictably).

When the mayor is being elected, every successful bribery will give you 20% of the rich people's votes, which can be enough to make the elections turn out your way.

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