Turbo Mode

Turbo mode is a special feature allowing you to sail and march more rapidly than you do normally.

If you are sailing a long distance through relatively clear water (ocean with few shoals, that is), you can press the "T" button to go into Turbo mode. In Turbo mode, the entire game speeds up: your ship moves faster, clouds move faster, time passes rapidly. Your ship is harder to control, so be wary about going into Turbo mode if you're sailing through dangerous waters.

If you get a ship encounter, enter a city, get a report from the Sailing Master, or go to the Captain's Cabin, Turbo mode turns off automatically. You can't go into Turbo mode during battle.

If you have a party moving on land, you also use Turbo mode to move (and make time pass) more rapidly.


The latest notes regarding this program and problems with "compatibles" can be found on disk, in an ASCII file named "README.TXT" You can read this file by using a text editor or standard DOS commands such as "TYPE README.TXT."

If the program does not load or run correctly, turn off your entire machine and restart it. Make sure DOS and Pirates! Cold are the only programs loading into memory (except for mouse drivers, EMS handlers, disk caches, or RAM disks).

If you continue to have trouble, your copy may be bad; try reinstalling Pirates! Cold, make a boot disk while you're at it, and use this disk to boot your computer "clean."

If the game doesn't work, try installing the Pirates! Cold in another computer. If the game works in another computer, then your computer has compatibility problems (i.e., some aspect is not entirely IBM compatible). You may also try a different machine speed, or a keyboard, or a sound option. Sometimes an alternate configuration works.


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