Spell Descriptions

rolls, tnelee damage rolls, and Reflex saves. Slow dispels the haste spell.

Spell Resistance Level: Clr 5 Range. louch Duration: 1 minute/level Target. Creature touched Saving Throw. None Spell Resistance. No Creature touched gains spell resistance equal to 12 + die caster's level. In order to use a spell on a cTeature with spell resistance, the caster must roll the creature's spell resistance or higher on ld20 ยป caster's level.

Spiritual "Weapon Level. Clr 2

Range: Medium (100' +10 /level) Duration: I round/level Effect. A magical weapon of force Saving Throw None Spell Resistance. Yes A melee weapon made of pure force springs into existence and attacks opponents at a distance, as die Cleric directs it. It strikes die opponent the Cleric designates, starting with one attack on die mund the s{h:II is cast and continuing each round thereafter. It uses die Cleric's Bast: Attack score as its i attack bonus (possibly allowing it multiple attacks per round) and deals IdS damage per hit.

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