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This eBook is designed to show you that everyone was born with amazing powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, mind-control, and other supernatural abilities. However, you will find that these powers are far from supernatural These can be used by anyone, and this series of eBooks can show you how to access those powers. You will be able to reach a plane of reality that almost no one has access to, and be able to think on a different plane than anyone you know. Anyone can get these powers. All it takes is someone that is willing to learn them. Even if you've never heard that these are real, you can get the ability to use any of them if you put your mind to it. All it takes is knowledge, and you can find everything you need in this book series. Mental powers beyond what most people have ever thought of are in your hands! More here...

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The 7 Day Psychic Development Course

Discover How To Increase Your Intuition Within 7 Days, It's Safe, Simple And Fun Plus Designed To Dramatically Increase Your Intuitive Psychic Abilites In Just A Few Short Days. Written By A Real Psychic With A Lifetime Of Experience In The Industry. The Day Psychic Development Course is a radical departure from the stale, rehashed material concerning psychic abilities that are currently widely available. The exercises contained in this seven day course. offer simple, unique, fun and highly effective. methods of psychic development. The results experienced after performing the exercises detailed in these pages can be quite astonishing. People are often amazed when they discover just how limitless their intuitive skills really are. I have seen psychic and intuitive development courses on the internet costing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars The exercises contained in this ebook are every bit as effective as any workshop, class or retreat available anywhere in the world today. Learn at your own pace, in your own home and have fun doing it!

The 7 Day Psychic Development Course Summary

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Icecrown and the Frozen Throne

From the confines of the Frozen Throne, Ner'zhul began to reach out his vast consciousness and touch the minds of Northrend's native inhabitants. With surprising ease, he enslaved the minds of many indigenous creatures, such as ice trolls and the fierce wendi-go - and drew their evil brethren into his growing shadow. He found that his psychic powers were almost limitless, and used them to create a small army that he housed within Icecrown's twisting labyrinths. As the Lich King mastered his growing powers under the Dreadlords' persistent vigil, he discovered a remote human settlement on the fringe of the vast Dragonblight. Ner'zhul decided to test his powers and his dread plague on the unsuspecting humans.

Evolutionary Genetics

Psionics results from a combination of advanced genetic engineering and research into the biological basis of telepathy. It allows your empire to selectively create beings with immense psychic power. These new telepaths can read the mind of any being and, sometimes, even kill with thought. All your empire's spying bonuses are raised by 10. Furthermore, morale is raised by 10 throughout the empire if your government is a Dictatorship, Imperium, Feudalism, or Confederation.

Protoss Species Oyervie

One of the first lessons of the Khala is how to close one's mind to the outside world. The Protoss are such powerful psychics that they can inadvertently send out psychic ripples that are disruptive to other life forms. With careful training, High Templar learn to focus these ripples into a storm of raw psychic energy that is capable of literally tearing apart the minds of lesser species.

Imperial Psyker Unit

The Space Marine Librarian makes use of his psychic powers to unleash devastating attacks on the enemy. Librarians of the First Company are additionally allowed to wear the same Terminator armour as their brethren. The awesome strength and protection of the Terminator armour, combined with the deadly power of their Bolters and psychic powers makes the Librarian among the most dangerous individuals the human race has ever seen.

An Heir Apparent

Though the Dreadlords were pleased that Ner'zhul's true mission had finally begun, the Lich King himself brooded within the tight, shadowy confines of the Frozen Throne. Despite his vast psychic powers and his complete dominion over the undead, he longed to be free of his icy prison. He knew that Kil'jaeden would never release him from his curse. And, due to his great power, he knew that the demons would destroy him as soon as his mission was completed.

Psychic Dominator

When fully charged and deployed, this weapon causes a massive burst of psychic energy that turns all units in it's area of effect into units under Yuri's control. These new additions to Yuri's army can then be turned on their former friends or sent back to Yuri's base for a trip to the Grinder or Bio Reactor. Units normally immune to mind control, and garrisoned units, are immune to the effects of the Psychic Dominator. Once a unit is captured by the Psychic Dominator, it can never be mind controlled again. The Dominator's psychic bursts also damage nearby structures.


All Orks appear to be psychic to some extent, some far more psychic than others. These Orks seem to have no control over the mental processes, and tend to literally explode in order to release the built up energies. Weirdboyz are reportedly forced to live in special houses built on huge copper stilts (to conduct the psychic energy away into the ground), and they are forced to wear special clothes, like a jester's uniform. Presumably, this is so that other Orks can see them coming and get out of the way.

Character Classes

Psionicists can fight, if necessary, but they are restricted in both armor and weapons. Like thieves, psionicists can only wear leather-type armor. They are restricted to small weapons, though they can be of any sort short swords, daggers, short bows, maces, etc. The three psionic disciplines are psychokinesis, psychometabolism, and telepathy. Each gives access to different mental powers. A psionicist begins with all three disciplines. Psychokinesis concerns physical manipulation of objects, often for destructive purposes. Psychometa-bolism involves manipulating the character's own body to enhance it. Telepathy deals with the defenses and attacks of mental warfare.

Dark Eldar Buildings

Built in exultation of the Chaos God Slaanesh, the Slave Chamber provides dungeons for the masses of slaves used to provide the lords of the Dark Eldar with labor and entertainment. This harvesting pit of soul essence increases the population cap, the research speed, and the reinforcement speed of Dark Eldar forces, as the souls of the unfortunate trapped within galvanize the shock troops to greater acts of sadism. Finally, the torturers of the slave chamber can sacrifice one of their thralls, sending outa blast of pure, agony-driven psychic energy.

Eldar Tactical Units

The Wraithguards are not living warriors, but robotic bodies constructed to house the spirits of dead heroes of the Eldar. Only in times of great need are the dead stirred from their slumber and brought to battle, but the sturdy armour and devastating Wraithcannon have won many battles which otherwise would have been lost. The Wraithcannon is a weapon unique to the Eldar Wraithguards and is powered by the psychic energy of the Wraithguards' Spirit Stone. This energy is focused to open a temporary rift between reality and warp space within the target, tearing it apart or warping it a distance away. The effects of the Wraithcannon are very similar to that of the Artillery weapon, the D-Cannon, but the results are tightly controlled and far more accurate.

Eldar Psyker Units

The Farseer provides guidance to the Craftworld and commands the Eldar forces in battle. His powerful psychic abilities allow him to foresee the possible futures that extend from every decision and action. He can also unleash psychic powers of unparalleled magnitude to either aid his own troops or smite their enemies. In battle, the Farseer proves himself an ancient, experienced, and skilled opponent, commanding respect from friend and foe alike. Wounds do not slow a Farseer in battle, as his number of attacks stay constant, even near death. The Warlock Champion is a step along the path of devotion that can take an Eldar from Warlock to Warlock Master. The Warlock Champion can focus energies in destructive as well as creative ways, sending psychic blasts hurtling from his mind. The Warlock Champion is armed with a Witch Blade, a weapon only Psykers can wield. Inside the sword is interwoven a powerful ps-convertor, a special material formed into a precise serpentine shape which...

Tyranid Psyker Units

Related to Tyranid Warriors, the Zoanthrope is an extreme genetic creation which has psychic powers coded into its very cells. Because it relies so greatly upon its psychic abilities, the Zoanthrope's body has withered compared to its fearsome relatives. Nonetheless, the defensive abilities of the Zoanthrope cannot be underestimated. In battle they can hurl blasts of psychic energy that vaporise metal and disintegrate flesh in an instant. Zoanthropes also protect themselves with a powerful psychic barrier, making them almost invulnerable to enemy fire.

Weirdboy Tower

Functionality Specialist mobile weapon installation. All Orks are known to have some latent psychic energy. Ork Weirdboyz , unlike most Orks, are able to utilize this energy as a weapon by focusing collective Ork Psychic energy into a single devastating blast. Weirdboyz are made to ride into battle atop giant towers due to the unstable nature of Weirdboyz' mental state which if poorly handled can result in a Psychic blast which would kill the Weirdboy and anything else in close proximity.

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