These options not only affect how the game looks on your monitor, but also how fast the game plays on slower computers. If you have a supported hardware 3D accelerator, Covert Operations automatically takes advantage of it.

Force Software - This setting is extremely important for users without a supported 3D card.

Important! If you're having difficulties getting into the Action Phase, or if you are experiencing freezes or other graphical problems, first try turning the Force Software option on. If the game starts, even if the graphics are poor and the speed is very slow, then there may be a problem with your video card. Read the readme file or visit for help troubleshooting the problem.

Video Resolution - This allows you to set the resolution of the action phase. Not all resolutions will work on all computers. Performance may be slower at higher resolutions for certain system configurations. If you experience problems at higher resolutions, lower this setting to 640x480 or smaller. While certain video cards allow very high resolutions, setting the in-game resolution higher than 800x600 is not recommended for most systems.

powerful machine, you may want to set the detail level to high, which will increase visual quality, but may slow down the performance of Covert Operations on your system. This setting defaults to medium. For more information on what graphics options are set, and how they will affect the game, see the section on Advanced Options.

Use Action Gamma - This option allows you to use gamma correction to brighten up the apparent light level of the action phase. This option does not affect how well Al's in the game can see, only how bright it appears on your monitor. The small bars to the right of this option will scroll up to increase the apparent brightness in the game if you click on the arrow to the right of them. If you click on the arrow to the left of them, the bars will scroll down, making the levels apparently darker. Some machines may experience a performance increase and level load decrease by turning off this option.

Show Tooltips - Checking this setting causes floating tooltips to appear when you hover the cursor over a selectable part of the screen. These tooltips will give you a brief reminder of what the button they are hovering over will do. Some slower machines may experience a performance increase by turning off this option.

Detail Level - This option automatically sets several advanced options to specific default levels. These options affect the performance of Covert Operations on your machine. If you have a slower machine, try setting the detail level to low. This will degrade visual quality while increasing performance. If you have a

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