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Resolution - Use the pulldown menu to change the display resolution of the game. Requiem: Avenging Angel can be played in a number of different resolutions, depending on your hardware setup. If you find that Requiem runs too slowly on your machine, try switching to a lower resolution.

mW Support - This pulldown menu only appears if you have a video device which supports Direct3D. It allows you to select what Direct3D card you want to run on, if you have more than one card installed in your system. "Display" is always your primary Windows video card (provided it is Direct3D compatible).

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Srightness - Use this slider to adjust the brightness with which Requiem: Avenging Angel is displayed on your monitor.

2|ide Weapon - Check this option to force Requiem: Avenging Angel not to draw the weapon display in this lower portion of the HUD. This may increase performance slightly.

  • how (Crosshairs - Check this option to display crosshairs for targeting enemies. This option does not affect game performance.
  • h0W Shadows - Check this option for enemies to have shadows. This option can only be used if your machine has a supported hardware-accelerated video card. Check the game packaging to find out what cards are supported. Clearing this box will result in a slight performance increase.
  • h0W Dialog ®ext - Check this option to have Requiem: Avenging Angel display dialog text onscreen.

Enable Special ¿ITX - Check this option if you wish for Requiem: Avenging Angel to display additional special effects, such as smoke trails and lighting effects. Clearing this option will result in a slight increase in game performance.

0)5v - Accepts your changes.

Defaults - Reloads the default settings for the game.

(Cancel - Returns you to the Options menu. Any changes made to the config files will be discarded.


e 3n-(iame (Pause) Menu the ESC key while playing Requiem to Pause your game and bring up this menu.

§ave (Same - Takes you to the Save Game Menu, which is similar to the Load Game Menu described on page 9. The only difference is that, when you click on Pray, your game is saved and you are returned to the In-Game Menu.

ffioad (Same - Takes you to the Load Game Menu, described on page 9.

  • iptions - Takes you to the Options Menu, described on page 13.
  • llit - Exits the current game and returns you to the Main Menu.
  • Resume - Continues your game from where you pressed the ESC key.

Default Qlmttrols


Forward E

Backward D

Move left S

Move Right F

Turn Mouse

Look Up/down Mouse

Jump Spacebar

Crouch C

Run/Walk modifier L-SHIFT

Fire LMB

Use bound Power RMB

Use Defensive Power V

Use Maneuvering Power Z

Use Interactive Power X

Review Mission Objective F1


Pause (single player only) Chat (Multiplayer Only) Increase Screen Size Decrease Screen Size ...

Quick Save

Quick Load

Take Screenshot


Divine Power / Weapon

Select Menu A

Next Weapon W

Previous Weapon Q

Next Offensive Power T

Previous Offensive Power R

Next Defensive Power INS

Previous Defensive Power DEL

Next Maneuvering

Power HOME

Previous Maneuvering

Power END

Next Interactive


Previous Interactive


Next Inventory Item ]

Previous Inventory Item [

Direct-Select Weapon 1-7

Direct Select Hand (Offensive Power) G or 0

Note that you will never see both the Selection area and the Divine Power / Weapon Select Menu onscreen at the same time. The screenshot above is for instructional purposes only.

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