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(Same ®ype - Using the pull-down menu, choose either DeathMatch or Team DeathMatch play. More game types may be added in the future, so keep your eye on the official Requiem: Avenging Angel website (http:// www.requ i empc.com).

Let's say Map Loop, and a new that level will will be loaded in turn.

(Eonnection ®ype -Choose your connection type from LAN (IPX), Internet (TCP/IP), Modem, or Serial Cable. If you wish to play via Internet connection, you must know your host's IP address. A window will pop up asking you for it.

Map Sloop - This scrollbox lists the levels currently selected for play. To remove a level from this list, click the boxed 'X' next to the scroll bar. Here is an example of the way a map loop works: the levels you want to play in by adding them to the Score Limit or Time Limit is reached, the game ends the next map in the list. If you select only one level for your map loop, the next game. If you select multiple levels for your map loop, each level

Bcore ICimit - If you wish to have the game limited by score, click the checkbox next to this item. Click on the number listed to change the number of kills you must achieve to win the game. If you want an unlimited number of kills, clear the checkbox.

®ime ffiimit - This function operates in the same manner as the Score Limit. Click the checkbox for a timed game, or clear it for an open-ended game. Time is in minutes: seconds.

Max # flayers - Click on the number to change this figure. Requiem allows from 2 to 8 players to participate in a multiplayer game.

Max # ®eams - Requiem automatically updates this item, depending on whether you choose Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch play. The game allows only 2 teams: Fallen vs. Chosen.

(game flay ©ptions... - Click on this to change the following multiplayer game options: Disable Falling Damage - No damage is inflicted if players fall from exceptional heights Disable Friendly Fire - Teammates cannot damage each other Weapons Remain - Weapons remain after pickup, but, once a player has the weapon and initial ammo, running over it again gives no additional ammo

Weapons... - Click this button to change the weapon each player starts with, as well as whether certain weapons will be allowed within the game. Click OK to accept your changes, or exit to refuse them.

Angelic fowers... - Click this button to change the angelic powers each player starts with. There are three default configurations: Generic (all powers), Chosen or Fallen (only certain spells selected). You can also turn on or off any individual angelic power by checking or clearing the checkbox next to it. Click OK to accept your changes, or exit to refuse them.

§>a\/Q As... - Click on the name next to "Save As...", then name your configuration file (if you've made changes you wish to keep). Now click on "Save As...", and The name will be added to the Game Configurations scrollbox of the Multiplayer Host Menu. If you do not input a new name, the game will ask you if you wish to overwrite the currently selected name. Note: you must save your changes in order to play a game with those options you've selected.

0)5v - This is a quick alternative to the "Save As..." button. Requiem asks you if you wish to overwrite the currently selected game configuration. If so, Requiem accepts your changes and returns you to the Multiplayer Host Menu.

Exit - returns you to the Main Menu, canceling any changes.

Defaults - Reloads the default settings for the game.

(Controls - Takes you to the Controls Menu, where you can change the default keyboard and mouse controls.

Display - Takes you to the Display Menu, which allows you to adjust the way the game looks on your screen.

^ound - Lets you adjust the volume for sound effects, dialog, and music.

0)5v - Accepts your changes.

Defaults - Reloads the default settings for the game.

(Cancel - Returns you to the Main Menu. Any changes made to the config files will be reset to their prior settings.

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