Hapter Hero Command

As mentioned earlier. Hero Command is the game's ultimate super weapon. When you assume personal control of your Hero, you're able to slaughter countless enemy units within a few moments.

How it Works: To enter Hero Command during the campaign or in skirmish/ multiplayer, your Hero must be Level Two or higher. (You upgrade your Hero's level by pressing the button directly beneath the Hero's portrait.) You enter Hero Command by double-clicking the Hero's portrait. Alternatively, you can also enter and exit Hero Command by pressing Q. Once you're controlling your Hero, the game plays just like any third-person action game. Move your Hero using W. S, A. I) and left-click to attack. In addition, you can block damage from enemies. Press the Middle Mouse Wheel to execute a block.

The warriors under your command arc counting on you to lead them to a glorious victory. Don't let them down.

You equip your bow by pressing 2. When your bow is equipped, right-clicking your mouse puts you in Marksman Mode and lets you zoom in for a closer view of your target. Left-click to fire your bow.

In order to enter Hero Command, your Stamina must be at least 20% full. The amount of Stamina that you have available is indicated by the blue bar at the top left of the screen. Fighting in Hero Command, as well as taking damage, reduces your Stamina.

Once your Stamina is depleted, you automatically exit Hero Command. Stamina slowly replenishes on its own in multiplayer and skirmish. During the campaigns, you must boost your Stamina by picking up power-ups located in jars positioned around the map.

Nolo: You cannot break a jar with your bow while in Hero Command—you must break it with your melee w eapon. In RTS mode, however. Cleopatra can break jars with her bow. She is the only Hero w ho can do so.

Because Hero Command relies so much on Stamina, you'll only want to enter Hero Command during key strategic moments when you can truly turn the tide ol'battle.

Troop Orders: While in Hero Command, you can issue basic orders to your troops by pressing the appropriate Hotkey. These orders can only be issued while in Hero Command. They will have no affect if you are in RTS mode.




All allied soldiers within earshot (5 tiles) will follow you.


Soldiers following you will no longer follow.


All allied soldiers w ithin earshot (5 tiles) will charge.

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