Naval Combat

We briefly mentioned Rise <6 Full's naval combat in the Introduction, but it's worth discussing here in greater detail. Your navy does much more than simply ferry troops across large bodies of water: it's an essential part of any combined-arms strategy. You'll need to master these skills if you want to dominate the high seas with your navy.

Note: In order to select all of your ships, you must double-click on a ship. If you lasso the ships with your mouse, you'll select the soldiers on the ships, not the ships themselves.

Ramming: When executed properly, ramming is the ultimate naval super weapon. To rani an enemy ship, you must first recruit a Drummer, who is trained aboard your ship. The Drummer is required to execute a ram.

Once you have a Drummer, line up your ship so that it is perpendicular to the enemy ship that you want to attack. When you're in the correct position, the Drummer will signal to you by pounding on his drums. Press the Ram button and your ship will race through the water, strike the side of the enemy ship, and tear it in half.

After impact, the enemy soldiers will tread water for a short period of lime. You can either shoot ihem with your Archers or lei (hem drown. If your ship is rammed, you only have a short amount of time before your men drown. Order them to swim to shore as quickly as possible to minimize your losses.

Boarding: One great way of dealing w ith enemy ships is lo board them. In order to board an enemy ship, you must first train a Sailor. Once you have a Sailor, select your ship and press the Grapple button. As soon as your mouse cursor changes, right-click on the enemy vessel that you want lo board.

When your ship is close enough, planks will automatically bridge the two ships, and you can order your Swordsmen lo rush aboard the enemy vessel. If you manage to kill all of the enemy soldiers, you capture the ship and il's added lo your fleet.

In addition lo telling you grapple enemy ships. Sailors can also repair damaged ships. To repair a ship, the Sailor must be standing on il. Select the Sailor and then the

Your largest ship, called Trireme, can be equipped with massive Onagers, catapults (hat can an enemy city or flcel. Unlike land-based siege weapons, you don't have direel control over the targets an Onager attacks. Instead, a special Onager Al seeks oul ihe besl target. You can command Onagers to hold fire at any time.

Debarking: If you have a ship debarked on land with ihc boarding plank extended, the ship will automatically stow the plank and reverse away from land « hen you give the ship a move order.

Floating Barracks: All of your ships also act as Barracks, which is a great way of training reinforcements right on the front lines of a battle. You can recruit Archers. Spearmen, Swordsmen, Sailors and Drummers directly from your ships.

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