Weather and Seasonal Conditions

As discussed earlier in the Full Campaign section of the manual, a wise daimyo will be aware of the drawbacks of waging war in differing seasons and weather conditions. Your units are, after all, human, and are therefore subject to the same laws of nature that affect all living creatures! When you choose to attack in Battle Mode you can, to a limited extent, choose what sort of conditions you will attack under when your advisor informs you of the weather conditions. However, there comes a point when the enemy is upon you and the battle must commence.

Additionally, the length of a battle is decided by the season since victory must be decided before nightfall. This offers an advantage to defending armies if a battle takes place in winter. Conversely, a summer battle gives an attacker a longer amount of time to grind down his adversary.

Conditions required for Victory

There are a range of victory conditions.

General battles - Your objective is to kill or rout the enemy from the battlefield.

Castle battles/Sieges - Your objective is to fight your way into the castle and take the keep by killing or routing the enemy.

Historical Battles

Take the place of one of the four most important daimyo in Japanese history in a selection of pre-set battles. Spanning some of the most turbulent years of the country's history, you can command the armies of the four great daimyo - Oda Nobunaga, Takeda Shingen, Tokugawa Ieyasu or Toyotomi Hideyoshi. You can also take part in pre-set battles against the Mongol invaders and one battle set during the Japanese invasion of Korea under Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The battles are as follows:

Daimyo Nobunaga Takeda Shingen Tokugawa Hideyoshi Mongol Invasion


Anegawa, Nagashima 4th Kawanakajima Nagakute, Mikata Ga Hara Yamazaki, Imjin Amnok, Fukuoka,

• For details on all of the historical battles, please refer to the historical battle descriptions in the

Historical Battle selection menu. Tip: For in-depth information on tactics used by past generals, cast your eyes over 'The Way of the


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