Requires: Large Castle and acceptance of alliance with Portuguese f, mH

The Portuguese not only brought advanced military technology in the shape of guns, they also imported a religion as well: Roman Catholicism. The Jesuits who came to Japan spread a very militant variety of Christianity, and within a few years of their arrival, the Jesuits had converted substantial sections of the local population.

Once built, Churches help to spread the doctrine of Christianity to the local population, increasing the number of Christians in nearby provinces and, in the long term, reducing the chance of a religious revolt.

• A church allows the training of Priests. Once you have six Churches, you may then construct a Cathedral, which holds even greater sway in speeding the spread of Christianity. Note, however, that a Citadel is also required in the province.

Tip: A Christian Daimyo with a Cathedral collects tithes from all of Christian Japan. This makes Christianity a very lucrative business!

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