Commanding Your Army

Use any of the control methods or combine them to tailor the interface to your own preference. In the heat of battle, the ability to issue multiple orders quickly and accurately will offer the sure-footed general a distinct advantage.

There are three methods of accessing orders:

Icon Menu Bar - Visual method with tooltips. Select unit/s and then click the icon to give an order.

Drop Down Menu - Select unit then right-click. Click when you have highlighted the desired order.

Keyboard shortcuts - Press the respective keyboard shortcut to issue the order.

The Icon Menu Bar

Close Wedge Hold Hold

Halt Rout Formation Formation Formation Position

Close Wedge Hold Hold

Halt Rout Formation Formation Formation Position




Rally Group Loose Skirmish Engage Fire at Group Formation

Formation at will will Control Panel

Toggle *

Rally Group Loose Skirmish Engage Fire at Group Formation

Formation at will will Control Panel

Toggle *

  • Note: You must select more than one unit for these options to become available
  • Select a unit or group of units and click on the relevant command toggle. These are described, in detail, below.

Drop Down Menu

Halt -The selected unit(s) halt where they are.

Formation - Change the selected unit(s) organisation (See Quick Guide to Unit Formations section on p.45) to choose between Close/Loose/Wedge formations.

Hold Position - The selected unit(s) attempt to hold their ground as long as possible. Their defensive attributes increase though their offensive attributes suffer as a result.

Melee Mode - Choose three types of melee mode for your selected units to adopt: Skirmish/Hold Formation/Engage at Will.

Fire At Will - Only active when a unit with projectile weaponry is selected.

Rally - Your Taisho (or you in the Daimyo's role) can attempt to rally routing troops. The honour level of the individual leader determines success. Once units have been successfully rallied, they can be ordered in the normal fashion.

Note: The Rally button is only available a limited number of times in a battle, when not available it is greyed out.

Rout - The selected units flee for their lives.

Note: If they run from the battlefield you lose them from this particular battle.

Select All - All units on the battlefield are selected.

Group - Only active if multiple units are selected. The selected units work as one, offering new group formation strategies.

Group Formation - Open the Group Formations drop down to order the selected group of units to adopt a group battle formation. See Quick Guide to Group Formations section on p.45.

Run - The selected units march more quickly to their destination.

Look At - Camera focuses on and behind the selected unit/s

Withdraw from battle - Your entire army retreat from the Battle Map

  • Select unit(s) and then click on the desired command. The selected troops then attempt to carry out your orders.
  • Any Menu option with an > indicates that other options will drop down if selected.
  • Currently selected orders are highlighted with an asterisk (*)

Battle Mode Keyboard Shortcuts

Rally R

Group / Ungroup -G

Close Formation C

Loose Formation L

Wedge Formation W

Melee Mode - Engage at will E

Melee Mode - Hold Formation F

Melee Mode - Skirmish S

Hold Position H

Auto Fire (Fire at will) A

Withdraw from battle CTRL + W

Halt (Forget all orders) BACKSPACE

Select All CTRL + A

Units Quick March (Run) CTRL +R

Set Facing/Move with Fixed Facing ALT + click

Unit/s formation faces in the same direction on arrival at new location.

Rotate unit/s to face a new direction Right-click, hold and drag

Look At (selected unit) SHIFT + L

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