Highlight and click the game mode of your choice Returning to the Main Menu

Note: Any changes you have made to video, game, audio and other options are retained for the game you are about to play.

Select one of seven clans and fight a campaign that may extend over 80 years or more. This mode of play combines a strategic element with a real time battle element to create a truly immersive gameplay environment. But, be mindful, it may take many generations, encompassing years of struggle and sacrifice, to conquer the whole of Japan and become Shogun!

  • To begin immediately, see Creating A Full Campaign Game on p. 12.
  • For an overview of Full Campaign, it is recommended that you refer to The Flow of the Game section, below.

Tip: If you want to play a quick game, refer to the Custom Battle section on p.53

To return to the Main menu at any time, click the Folded over page at the bottom of a menu screen.

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