In Shogun - Total War™ you are plunged, headlong, into the world of the 16th century Japanese warlord. The game is set during the Sengoku Jidai period. The literal translation is The Age of the Country at War' and, as you will learn, it certainly earned that name.

You take the place of one of seven warlords, or 'Daimyo' and must manoeuvre, bargain, manage and battle your way to take your predestined place as Shogun, 'the commander-in-chief for the suppression of barbarians'. However, your path to divine glory will not be a smooth one. With 6 cunning rivals, all tutored in the noble arts of the Samurai and the strategies and techniques of Sun Tzu's The Art of War", you would be well advised to use all your wits and wiles if you are to reign triumphant.

• If you feel ignorant or hungry for knowledge, you would do well to consult the 'Way of the Daimyo' manual. It will give you an invaluable overview of this fascinating and brutal period of history.

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