Strategic Units Neglect them at your peril

Though comparatively costly, strategic units should not be overlooked as an important method for strengthening your position amongst the Daimyo hierarchy. Remember, there may be occasions where negotiation and subterfuge can guide you along a far preferable path than direct confrontation and bloody warfare.

  • Any strategic unit can be used to spy and provide basic details. Simply drag them into the province you require information from.
  • Emissaries - Enable you to propose alliances to other Daimyo.
  • Shinobi - Spy on enemy provinces, incite revolts and counter spy.
  • Ninja - Assassinate your enemies and their worthies.
  • Priest - A Catholic emissary. Especially useful in dealing with Christian Daimyo.
  • Legendary Geisha - The most effective assassin in the game.

To send any Strategic unit to perform a task, drag them onto an enemy unit or castle. A pop-up appears giving you various options.

Note: Strategic Units only become available once you have constructed the requisite buildings. See the enclosed Technology Tree and the Strategic Units section on p.57 for full details.


To become Shogun, you must build a mighty army but, without places for unseasoned young men to be tutored in the noble arts of samurai warfare, you cannot prepare for the long battles ahead. A wise Daimyo will carefully consider where he constructs his buildings and trains his forces to ensure his territories remain the property of his clan. Of course, koku reserves must be available to cover any work ordered or the buildings cannot be built.

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