The Alliances Parchment Proposing Alliances

You can propose Alliances to other Daimyo by dragging an emissary piece onto another Daimyo (in the field he is identified by a Mounted Samurai piece, though he may be resting in a castle, too).

Both clans vow not to raise arms against each other or their lands and the good will between them ensures a temporary peace.

To ensure that you are aware of all current alliances, you should consult the Alliances Parchment. For Samurai, the breaking of an alliance, under most circumstances, is against all honourable virtues. If you do break an alliance, your Daimyo's honour will suffer as a result.

• Click the Info Parchment toggle to bring up the Alliances Parchment. There are a series of icons on the Parchment to access information on Armies, Economy, Spies, Ninja and their missions and Heirs.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips

Hold the mouse over any item to get a tool tip description; if you wait longer you get more detailed information.

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