Managing Morale

Once you have a solid battleline, you need to pay attention to the morale of the regiments who are under fire. Units with high morale can fire faster and stay on the line longer than dispirited troops. During an engagement, you should frequently check the Morale Bar of all the regiments under fire to ensure that they have as much support as possible in the current situation.

Keep your regiments as close together as you can while maintaining a continuous line to maximize support bonuses. In planning your line, remember that experienced troops can take much more damage before routing than green or trained regiments. Those parts of your line made up of men with no prior exposure to battle are going to need more support and reinforcement than your crack troops and veterans, who can often stand valiantly against repeated charges.

Other factors that increase morale are entrenchments and covered terrain. Since a fortified regiment takes fewer casualties than an unfortified one, move troops out of fortifications only in an emergency. On the other hand, if a regiment is under fire and is near a wooded area, move it into the forest so the men gain the confidence of increased protection from enemy guns.

The last major way to keep morale up on your line is to have the brigade, division, or corps commanders in the vicinity. The men take heart from having their generals nearby, and fight a little harder as a result. If you have a long line, position your brigade commander at one end and a division or corps commander at the other. Generals who have been wounded do not confer a morale bonus, so pay attention when a general has been stricken from the field, as the troops may need a boost to avoid collapse. Also, remember that a regiment must be 'in command' to carry out certain orders such as 'Hold' and 'Charge.'

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