Using the Manual

This manual is designed primarily as a reference guide to help you learn to play the game and to answer your questions as they come up. Towards those ends the book contains an extensive table of contents which can serve as a guide to answer most of your questions.

The Quickstart Scenario is a good way to start if you feel ready to jump right in and play. If you want an overview of the important concepts of the game, look at Fundamental Concepts. The following chapter, Commanding Your Army, tells how to give orders to your army and what the orders mean. Rigors of Battle is a quick walkthrough of some tactics to use in the game. The controls of the game, scrolling and rotating the map, and the various menus and options are explained in Playing The Game and Playing a Scenario. How to use the game's Multi-player features is found in the chapter called Multi-player Gettysburg.

Finally, there is a description of the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg as it really happened in the Historical Background chapter. The Designer's Notes are some comments from the designers about the creation of the game. At the end of the book, in the Appendix is a short summary of the situation of each scenario in the game and some hints and background.

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