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In the window itself you see the site of your city-to-be. A pristine wilderness: bare land, some forest areas and some flowing water. And the land isn't flat—there are hills and valleys, peaks and canyons. The terrain is divided into tiny squares. Each of these squares is called a "tile." Each tile is approximately one acre, or a 200 x 200 foot square.

We'll explore your new domain in a moment, but first, we need to take a detour and go straight to the top ... of your screen.

At the top of your screen is, of course, the Menu bar. These menus are well-behaved and work just like the menus in your other programs. Click and hold on the menu name to open the menu, slide the cursor to the menu item you want to activate, then release the mouse button.

Take a moment and open each of the menus, revealing their hidden glory.

Once you've looked them over: Open the Options menu. Select Auto-Budget.

This option makes the simulation repeat the same budget until you tell it otherwise—and stops that pesky Budget window from popping up and spoiling your view.

Open the Disasters menu.

Select No Disasters.

This setting keeps random disasters from occurring. (Those disasters really mess up a tutorial.)

For safety against roving thieves and predators, the farmer and herdsman laid their camps together, and through this simple act of survival and cooperation, attracted like-minded countrymen into their midst. The camp became a village, with a better standard of living, and more visitors became residents... and the village continued to grow. jy

And speaking of views, behold the vistas and valleys of your city-to-be. How'd you like another angle on the place?

Click on the Rotate Counter-Clockwise button in the City toolbar.

Do it again.

Click on the Rotate Clockwise button until you find the angle that pleases you.

As you can see, you can rotate the city and view it from all sides. This'll come in very handy later, when you're building your city. What's that? You want a closer view? No problem.

Click once on the Zoom In button in the City toolbar.

How's that? Closer?

Click again on the Zoom In button.

That's as close as you get. (Notice that the Zoom In button is ghosted and unavailable.) Now that you're here, how do you get around? Let's zoom out for a wider view, then do some travelin'.

Click once on the Zoom Out button.

Click on the Center button.

Click anywhere on the landscape.

The landscape will redraw in the City window, centered on the spot where you clicked. You can also use the Scroll bars to move around the landscape, but the Center button gives you more precise control.

Put a New Spin on Things

A millennium would pass before any substantial innovations would drastically change the size or character of cities. But then...

"...within a very recent period, three new factors have been suddenly developed which promise to exert a powerful influence on the problems of city and country life. These are the trolley, the bicycle, and the telephone. It is impossible to foresee at present just what their influence is to be on the question of the distribution of population; but this much is certain, that it adds from five to fifteen miles to the radius of every large town. It is by such apparently unimportant, trifling, and inconspicuous forces that civilization is swayed and moulded in its evolutions and no man can foresee them or say whither they lead..." — F.J. Kinsbury, 1895

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