Advisor Qa Clues On Some Basic Simcity Strategies

We are very fortunate to have all the Advisors of SimCity 3000 Unlimited gathered here to answer some frequently asked questions we've heard from mayors around SimNation. We hope this forum is helpful. Remember, the Advisors also make themselves available to answer questions at Keep up to date with the ins and outs of burning policy issues by checking in regularly.

So, ask away. Whichever Advisor feels he or she can answer the question will jump right in. Q: How do I make money?

Mortimer: The easy answer is: you never spend more than you make. The truth is, there is no easy answer. You need to take certain risks when expanding your city. If you never expand, there is no way to increase funds. Sure you can play the tax game, where you raise and lower taxes to bring in and then drain new Sims. That's a dangerous game to play, though, because eventually they will catch on and perhaps not be so willing to move to your city at the drop of a hat. Playing with ordinances and cutting deals with neighbors can be a way to steadily increase cash.

Q: It seems like it'd be easiest to build a ton of roads. Why should anyone bother with mass transit?

Moe: Sims love their cars, there's no denying that. But let's think about something for a second. When the only way to get from place to place is via car, then that's how everyone will travel. If every Sim in the city is driving their own car, there is going to be an unreasonable amount of traffic on the roads. Sure you can put ordinances into effect which promote carpooling, but that won't cut it if your population gets large enough.

Also, think of it like this: Sims aren't willing to drive as far if traffic is bad. That means that you are forced to make a tiny congested city with no real hope for expansion. When mass transit is introduced, Sims tend to get their cars off the road. Fewer cars means less traffic, and less traffic means Sims are willing to travel further. Oh yeah, and then there's the benefit of cleaner air. If you can get a good rail system going, you can eliminate even more pollution while creating a way for Sims to travel even further. And then your city can grow.

Q: What density should I make my zones?

Constance: Stick with light and medium density zones to start with. You can't get certain kinds of buildings until your city has achieved a certain population and your land a certain value. You will never see a building like a bristling skyscraper in a town of 2000.

When you start the game, you'll find that only low-density buildings, such as houses or small apartment buildings are being built, even if you've zoned an area for high density. High density zoning tends to kick on earlier in Industrial areas than in Residential or Commercial areas. If you are successful at increasing your city's population and land values, you'll begin to see tall apartment buildings in your Residential zones. If you continue to expand your city, and successfully build and zone and airport, your Sims will sooner or later start building beautiful skyscrapers in the Commercial areas you've zoned for high density.

Constance: There are many factors that contribute to the existence of slums, but they all boil down to one simple thing: Land Value. High crime and pollution will lower the land value of any area. Being too close to a landfill or other undesirable area also lowers land value. It's not a bad thing to have low income housing, but if it is dominating your city, you may want to reevaluate.

Q: Some of my buildings look dark and empty. Why did the Sims leave?

Constance: Sims will abandon buildings in a developed zone when conditions warrant it. They are likely to leave if power, water or transportation to the zone is cut off. If you fix the problem, Sims may come back and restore life to the buildings. The only time Sims won't return is when an area has been contaminated by radiation from a nuclear explosion. Too dangerous. Use your Query Tool to get information on why a particular structure has been abandoned.

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