Simcity 3000 Density

What actually builds in the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Airport and Seaport zones is up to the Sims. You are merely placing restrictions on types of buildings, kinds of business, and zone densities. But remember, zoning an area Dense Residential doesn't necessarily mean that high-rise apartment buildings will immediately appear. You will not see zones develop to their peak capacity until you have created conditions that spur demand for those zones. Keep your eye on your RCI Demand Indicator to let you know if your zoning is in line with the needs of your Sims.


The density choices are:

> Light: Zoning for primarily single family homes.

> Medium: Mostly smaller apartment buildings.

> Dense: This density includes large apartment buildings and high-rises.


The density choices are:

> Light: You'll see some mom and pop stores, gas stations, and other small business.

> Medium: This zone includes medium size office buildings and stores.

> Dense: Large office buildings, large stores, and skyscrapers.


The density choices are:

> Light: Depending on conditions, you'll see agricultural areas, small manufacturing plants, and office buildings.

> Medium: This zone includes office parks, factories, and warehouses.

> Dense: Mega-industry. Large factories, incinerators, or perhaps gleaming high-tech industry complexes, among other things.


Landfills are a cheap way to deal with your garbage, but they destroy the land upon which they are built and lower the land values of surrounding areas. Each tile of landfill can hold up to a certain amount of your Sims's trash. As the landfill reaches capacity you will notice garbage piling up. Use the Query Tool on a landfill tile to find out the disposal capacity system-wide. Over time, the garbage in a landfill will decompose. You cannot demolish a landfill while garbage is present, but you may de-zone the area once all of the garbage has decomposed. Once a landfill is de-zoned, you can try to recoup some of the value of the land. Makes you think twice about accepting some of those neighbor trash deals, doesn't it.


Zoning a seaport helps industry and commercial zones to grow, and opens an effective means of removing garbage from your city. Seaports must have water access to a neighbor and be at least 2x6 tiles to develop.


Available beginning in 1930, airports help your commercial districts grow by bringing travel options into the 20th century. Who knows what travel options may be available in the 21st, 31st, or 41st centuries. Keep SimCitying and you'll find out. Airports need to be at least 3x5 tiles to develop.


As ye shall zone, so shall ye De-Zone. The De-Zone tool removes any pre-existing zoning ordinances you have passed. In order to De-Zone an area, though, you better not be telling the Sims in those nice residential neighborhoods that you're planning on building a hazardous waste burning plant in their midst. You cannot De-Zone an area where there are existing buildings, so you may have to demolish the area first.


Click on any Sim-made object to destroy or remove it. Click and drag over an area to demolish all objects in that entire area.

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