Constructing With Build Tools

The items in Build Tools all work differently. Some of the tools operate as objects—use the cursor to place them in your Sim's world. Some are tools that allow you to build various elements. Here's how they work:

  • Click the tool you want to use and move the cursor into the Game Window.
  • When you place the object or use the selected tool, the cost of the item or tool rental is deducted from the Sim's funds.
  • For objects, the cost is displayed in the tooltip that appears when you hover over the item in the catalog. If you cannot afford a selected object, its jmbnail is outlined in red.
  • For tools, costs increase the more you use that tool. As you level terrain, the Simoleons fly. The cost is displayed in yellow as you use the tool and in red if you can't afford to continue.
  • Unsure of a particular tool's usefulness? To learn more about a tool or object, click its thumbnail in the catalog. This brings up the Popup Info panel that tells you how to use that tool or object, how much it costs to use, and may give you additional style choices.
  • To delete an object, select it using the Hand Tool. Move your cursor to the Build Mode panel and click to delete it (or press Idihe while the object is attached to the cursor). If you delete or sell back a Build Mode object you are refunded the depreciated value.
  • To delete most architectural elements press; control]' in combination with the selected tool (see below). Architectural elements return their purchase price to your Sim's coffers no matter how long they have been in use.

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