First, decide upon your Sim's guiding Aspiration. Click one of the five goal areas (Fortune, Knowledge, Family, Romance, or Popularity). A lot more is said about Aspirations in the Live Mode section of this manual. Now choose your Sim's Personality by either selecting an Astrological Sign or by manually assigning the personality points among the five Personality Variables. For the most part, Personality affects your Sim's relationships with other Sims (although it can also affect your Sim's tendency to exercise as well). Click the ✓ at the bottom of the Sim Design panel to enter your Sim into the game. If you are not satisfied, you can edit any of the Sims you have created. Just click their image in the Sim Chooser at the left of the screen—or click the X to cancel your creation. If you have forgotten a crucial piece of Sim building, the game prompts you to add the missing information before it can accept your new Sim.

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