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There is a lot of information available to you about your Sims. Let's go over some of the basic information first.

Sim Chooser: All members of the household are pictured here. The background color of their thumbnail tells you their current mood—green for good and red for bad. Click the portrait of a family member to select that Sim. Funds: Your family's available funds are displayed at the bottom of the UCP. Selected Sim Portrait: Appears to the right of the UCP. Hover with your cursor to see your Sim's name.

Age Indicator: This shows your Sim's current developmental stage. The icon for the current age is highlighted. Hover over the current age to see when your Sim will enter the next stage of life.

Time: It is helpful to keep track of time—especially when it comes to getting your Sim to work or school on time.

Gamespeed: The game automatically pauses when in Build, Buy, or Story Modes. You may choose to pause the game at any time, or play at Ultra-Speed.

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