Email Briefing

Well done, Mr. Mullins.

The strange symbol you described seeing on Serbian crates may belong to the underground group that sold them QUEEN BEE. A full analysis and investigation is underway.

Warhead #3 (Codename: NEST EGG) is being held within a top secret chemical weapons facility on Uedineniya, a small island off the northern coast of Siberia.

The plant is run by a terrorist organization out for profit alone. Their facilities are buried deep under the ice, impervious to satellite analysis. We do know that the plant has been selling chemical weapons to Iraq for some time. However, the highest bidder for the nuclear weapon is now Cuba.

Infiltrate the icy compound, find NEST EGG, and destroy it. $30,000 for your time.

You will work alone this round. We are sending Hawk to Baghdad to pinpoint the location of warhead #4 . . .

Godspeed, Mullins.

At this point, after the e-mail briefing, you'll be able to choose weapons and items for the next mission. The recommended set-up is:




9mm Pistol


Sniper Rifle





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