Mission sabre

Although the arms trade was stopped, Sabre has escaped into the steam tunnels that dig deep below New York City. It is imperative that you make your way through the tunnels and capture Sabre.

Although the arms trade was stopped, Sabre has escaped into the steam tunnels that dig deep below New York City. It is imperative that you make your way through the tunnels and capture Sabre.


Capture Sabre


Capture Sabre

Neutralize any terrorist threat

The level begins with Sabre recovering from the blast in the sewers and John jumping down after him. Sabre says, "Kill him!" but John is h faster on the draw. The chase is on!

Exit the room through the hole in the wall, and work your way down towards the water-filled corridors. You'll have to crouch to get through this area. You'll soon find yourself in a claustrophobic steam tunnel with pipes and lots of murky water.

This part of the level loops around pretty well, but the path you need to take is unmistakable. Just be careful. Lean around blind corners, and toss a grenade or a Flash Pak out in front of you if necessary. There are about five punks in this part of the level. You'll even catch a glimpse of Sabre at one point running in a parallel tunnel.

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When you reach a collapsed section of tunnel with a fallen girder blocking your path to a door, take a right. Go through the door and into the next room. There are punks just inside the door, so watth out.

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Climb the ladder to access the upper level. This next part of the steam tunnels is crawling with punks, so use caution. There are three

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bad guys waiting for you around the first corner. Take them out and move onward.

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There's a boiler room and a door at the end of.this hallway. After cleaning it out, go through the door. As soon as the door swings open, blast the punk on the walkway in front of you. Next, lean out using the dooi way as cover to blast the punks down the abandoned tunnel you just entered. Across the walkway is a storage closet with some ammo and a Medical Kit.


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Jump down into the abandoned tunnel and follow the winding'corridor. There's a tunnel around the next bend that is blocked off by an old subway car and some collapsed tunnel. Blast the punks and head through the unlocked door.





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Beyond this door is an access tunnel filled with electrical boxes and pipes. It's a narrow passage and there's not much room to maneuver, so be careful. Kill the two punks, move through the corridor, and head down the tunnel to your left.


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The tunnel you're about to enter is truly a "steam tunnel." There's steam pouring out of the pipes, which makes it extremely difficult to see. Lean out and take a few shots with your 9mm to clear the way before proceeding.




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There's a room at the end of this tunnel with a door on the left and a door in front of you. Look out the door to your left to see the beginning of the level. Remember the collapsed section of tunnel mentioned earlier? There it is. BUT DON'T JUMP DOWN THERE! If you do, you won't be able to get back up.

There's a trap behind the door in front of you. You'll here a punk say, "Watch out! He's coming through." When you open the door, back up immediately because there's an exploding barrel that might instantly kill you if you don't watch out. Thank the two maniacs with a couple of well-placed shotgun blasts.

The door on the other side of the death trap room is unlocked. The door leads to a set of subway tracks that are electrically live. There's a punk down the tunnel to your right with a shotgun, so watch your step. Make sure you eliminate him before you do anything else.

Jump across the tracks to the ledge on the other side, and work your way down the tunnel to where the punk with the shotgun was standing. As you go through the door, you'll enter a dark room full of old rusty pipes and, more importantly, a couple of bad guys. Blast them!

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Go through the door and down the stairway. The punks in these tun-:5 nels are ready for you, so be cautious. Use your lean ability a lot, plus it never hurts to lead with grenades. Just follow the stairs down and then follow the pipes on the walls. This section of the tunnel winds around until you get to a dead end and a gray brick wall with a large hole in it. Guess where you're going?

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Go through the hole to enter a tunnel that has been carved out from the earth itself. The tunnel winds through to a small room. Blast the punk when he drops down from above, and then go through the door. Just through the door is an old abandoned subway station. Use the doorway for cover, because you're about to have a shootout with the neighbors.

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After eliminating the bad guys, cross over the tracks to the other side and wind around the area. You'll then see another dirt tunnel through a hole in the wall. Dive in and follow the tunnel. You're almost done. There's a small room around the last bend in the tunnel. You can clear it out with a few shots before you even get out of the tunnel.

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This is where things get nasty. The last room of the level has two staircases leading down into it with punks flooding the room. Use any cover you can find, and attack both stairwells. You need to kill about 20 punks before the level ends. (Hope you remembered to save!) Upon doing so, a cinematic shows Sabre running out of the subway and into a run-down hotel. You follow in hot pursuit as the level ends.

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