Sudan Slaughterhouse

mission: dragonfire

The fastest way in to the missile factory has been blocked. You need to gain access to it by different means. Make your way through the slaughterhouse and enter the offal sewers. From there you should be able to enter the factory through a secondary access location.


Gain entrance to the weapons factory through the offal tunnels

Neutralize any terrorist threat


Soldiers, Slaughterhouse Workers, Cows

With Hawk's help, you've successfully worked your way deep into the enemy compound. Now you have to find your way into the secret missile base by working your way through the slaughterhouse. Trouble is, you have to find the slaughterhouse first.

jj ■ J h "" H " "J Jj JjJ JJj >J

Exit the room through the doorway in front of you and work your way to the office. Blast the guards here and grab their weapons and ammunition. Up the short set of stairs is a storeroom with some armor in it. Grab it and head back down the stairs. Exit this room towards the cattle yard. There are snipers in the yard, so lean around the corner here and take out the sniper from a distance before he can draw a bead on you.

- j -_■- > ■ .■ ■ J ■ .■ ■ t ) ' t < j j

Battle your way through the yard and work your way around to the staircase that leads to the upper level of the yard. There's a ventilation duct here that you can take back to the office you were just in, but don't bother. Instead, move out of this area and. across the cat-5 walk into the next area. Hawk radios you at this point and tells you ^to'follow the cattle paths to the slaughterhouse. He's on his way already.

Jump down from the catwalk into the yard and hop the fence into the cattle path. Follow Hawk's advice and work your way down the path out of this area and around the corner. Proceed with caution here and lean to scout the area ahead. After you take down the guards, you notice the gate at the end of the cattle path is closed and you can't move forward. No problem. See the stack of crates next to the building? Climb up and use them to jump on the nearby roof. From here you can work your way over and through the windows of the building.

Go through the window that leads into the small office. There's a control panel and a button on the wall. Press the button to open the gate outside. Although you have access to both of these windows, you can't go very far into the buildings. There are a lot of locked doors here that you can open later, but they're not much good to you now.

Once the gate is open, jump out the window back down to the ground and continue down thecattle path. Around the corner here are a couple of soldiers and some giant fans. Lurking around the next bend.iSrthe cattle yard and, more importantly, the entrance to the slaughterhouse.

The yard here is well protected, so be careful. There are a few guards on the porch and a few more inside the building. You find a large, wooden gate in the yard is blocking off your access to the slaughterhouse.

Go inside the building through the door in the front. Just inside is a guard and a slaughterhouse worker. Take them out and flip the switch on the wall that opens the gate outside. Head up the stairs and eliminate the guards. There is a medkit in the storeroom. Once you've cleared out the building, head outside and find the newly opened area. This is the entrance to the slaughterhouse.

i -—maa l b.

  • _■ j j ■. j j "
  • 4 - * i i i 1 i jjji
  • y J -i" j J- J _ . . ... _■ _ . .1

Work your way inside and down the hallway. There are a number of workers and soldiers here so blast away. You can go right or left at this point. If you go to the left, your path is blocked by a locked door, so hang a right.

Go through the doorway and this series of rooms until you find a control panel with a lever on it next to a window. Through the window you'll see a slab of hanging meat.

When you throw the lever, a door opens and the slab of meat starts moving along on a chain of hooks. The locked door on the other side of this area is now open.

Trace your steps back and go through the door you opened with the lever. In this room you find a slaughterhouse worker running a soldier through the meat processing equipment. Disgusting! Jump on the conveyor belt and go down to the lower level.

Under the conveyor belt is a green metal door. When you open it, Hawk radios and tells you that he thinks the entrance to the missile base is in the drainage tunnels and asks you to see if you can find your way down there. Open the green door and head into the next room. Several soldiers rush in, so be ready. There's a health kit on the wall if you need it. Exit this room through another green metal door and into the hallway.

Around the corner is a soldier hiding behind some boxes. Blast him! There's a small room here on the right with a soldier and a worker in it. A large pipe that goes from floor to ceiling sits in the corner of the room with a large valve on it. "Use" the valve and the pipe will drain. John comments that he thinks this is the pipe that leads to the drainage tunnels.

Exit the room down the metal corridor and to the right. Go down the hallway and up the ladder into the upper level. You are standing at the end of a hallway. Down the hallway are two doors. On the right is an office and inside is a soldier, a worker, some ammunition and little else. Ignore it and take the door on the left.

J J -■ : - v j j .■ . ■ -.' ■-.■-.■ ' _ " _

J H J . . j J J i J i J * > j ' .. ' . J J 1 ■ * . J J . J J

ft di

Through this door is a freezer full of hanging meat. Take out the workers in here and head down the hallway in the left hand corner. Down this corridor, one of the large fan grates has been opened up and the fan removed. Jump up and inside and head down the metal-lined tunnel.

When the tunnel ends, crouch and enter the ventilation duct. Follow the duct into a small room with the top of a large pipe in the middle of the floor. Jump into the pipe and soon you end up in the heart of the slaughterhouse blood sewers.

« ■ -

Work your way down the tunnel and around the corner to your left. The path through the sewers is easy to find as it is pretty straightforward. Work your way through until you see twin fountains of blood and another large pipe opening in the floor. Jump in and you're on your way (screaming) to the missile base.


I wanted the player to feel an impending sense of doom for the cattle as they progressed towards the slaughterhouse. The cows' lives, much like those affiliated with the Order, were about to come to a horribly violent end. There wasn't much photo reference on the inside of a slaughterhouse, but all those pictures of disemboweled animals, horrifically brutalized pigs, sheep brains splattered on the walls, and the cheery mugs of the folks responsible were all the reference I needed to make the inside of the Casa de Muerte.

mission: dragonfire

Find a way to take down the missile factory. mhhu-n


Destroy the weapons factory Neutralize any terrorist threat


Soldiers; Workers; Rocket Soldiers; Flamethrower Soldiers; Snipers


Destroy missile factory



You've found the missile factory but what do you do now that you're here? No rest for the weary, I'm afraid. Crawl out of the blood pool here and move forward into the tunnel ahead. Check your mission objectives and proceed with caution. There's a platform just ahead and a group of soldiers. Take them out as quietly as possible and use the tunnel walls for cover.

f jgf oa mi flJJlJjf ; m

" J J JJ -■"'■:" JJ rf^j * j ' / j * J T 1 ' -■ 4 , i à J j -■ . -■ .

A quick survey of the area tells you that you can't get up to the platform and the conveyor belt is blocked off as well. There's a ventilation shaft here, though. Make your way along the ventilation shaft and, when you reach a grate in the top, the game will cut to a cinematic of John talking to Hawk about their plan of action. You decide there has to be a way to destroy the missile base, you just have to find it.

J J 4 J V ¿"j J- J J S J j J j'j j j1 j .j h t»" .' j1 j ^ j j j

When the cinematic ends, head down the duct further. Hawk contacts you again and tell you that the ventilation system in on a timer, the whole place is automated. Exit the air duct and enter a small room that has a ramp leading up to another ventilation duct. Go up the ramp and into the air shaft and you're on your way.

This section of the air vent emerges in a room with a lift in it. The lift rises up on chains through the ceiling of the room you're in and up out of site. Take out the guards here and work your way around the elevator to the double doors that exit the room.

Through the doors is a series of linear hallways that wind through the base. It's pretty tough to get lost here, so just keep going where the halls take you. Lean around the corners and proceed with caution. There are plenty of enemy soldiers patrolling the area.

Eventually the tunnels end and emerge at the foot of a staircase that leads up to a raised platform and a cliff spanned by a bridge. The bridge explodes and John comments that he's not going to be able to go that way. Time to find another path to the other side. This area is heavily defended, so be careful. Wind you way up the stairs of the platform here and take out the guards.

When you reach the top of the platform, go through the tunnel that leads out the top. Wind through a series of hallways until you reach a master control room. The control room is full of guards, so if you have grenades, C4, or flash paks, now would be a good time to use them. There's a conveyor belt here that's blocked off at both ends and there doesn't appear to be any way out of this room. Appearances can be deceiving.

Go up to the top of the stairs and push the button on the control panel. This sets the crushers on the conveyor belt in motion. Go down to the conveyor belt and hop on. Don't get sucked under the crushers until you are ready to time them. Get a feel for their pattern and then run for it. If you time it right you can run all the way through in one burst of speed.

-§— „*■*■// / AV <W<VW * V* V, v jjjj ► j j 4

j J TvT-'TC', " "vTvv 7' 7' T-Tv Tvv / / / 7; Tv 7V' v * v /

j j j j j j j j J j j j j j j f J j l --u:j jj m._ ■■ > imt

When you emerge on the other side of the crushers, follow the conveyor belt until it ends in a small room. Hawk runs through a gate and blows up some stuff, so be careful that you don't get trigger-happy and take him out. Hawk tells you that he's going to look for another way across the cavern and that you should wait here.

Blow up the stack of explosive barrels in this room. Doing so removes the screen from the window here and that will be important in just a minute. Hawk sends a crane over and tells you to hop on. Jump out the newly opened window and onto the crane. From the crane you can take a running jump and land on the other side of the cavern. Go through the double doors on the other side.

Through the doors is a series of hallways. When you walk through them and around the corner, the game will cut to a cinematic of Hawk going under a giant fan blade just before the fan turns on. You can't follow now, so Hawk tells you to find a way to shut off the fan so you can meet him on the other side.

When the cinematic ends, continue on your way around the corner and past the cabin. There's a platform in this hollowed out cavern and there are several guards and workers here. Take them out and drop down from the main level of the platform by jumping over the railing to the lower level and hallway that leads out of this room.

Follow this hallway as it loops around to a small, cave-like room with a staircase heading down. There's a soldier with a flamethrower, and an officer. Take them out and go down the staircase to the mine cart tracks. Jump in the mine cart and ride it through the tunnel until it stops. Jump down off the tracks here into the dark cavern below.

Follow this dark cavern around until you find a ladder. Climb up the ladder to the platform next to a new set of mine cart tracks. Work your way down the tracks through the tunnel and around the corner. After the tunnel curves, there's a long stretch of straight track. Work your way down the track until you see the light and then get ready to move. A mine cart full of soldiers is headed your way! Use your strafe left key and move off the tracks onto the rock ledge next to them.


  • 1 J J -i > # J ^ JrfJJ
  • Jiij'HJiHir .ijiJ^.iJ.i.
  • J' * -------ft--"
  • j . ; , , ,
  • v,v j j j j r 3 j . .

L tit j1 J

Once you've dodged the mine cart, take out the soldier here and work your way over to the big elevator. Hop on and ride it to the top floor. When you reach the top, John tries unsuccessfully to radio Hawk and ask for help. Work your way around the top here and take foe hallway to the right. Wind around the corner and up a small night of stairs. A wind tunnel prevents you from going any further. Ultimately this is where you need to go to end the level, so remember where it is. In the meantime, you have to find a way to shut off those fans.

Head back to the elevator and take the other hallway. John again tries to radio Hawk with no success. Lurking around this corner is a staircase and a raised platform with a bunch of soldiers and guards on it. There's even an armored guard with a rocket launcher, so be especially careful.

Take out the guards and work your way up the stairs to the platform and across to the hallway on the other side. This set of hallways winds around to a small room with a ladder in it. Take the ladder down into a small control room that has a panel with two levers on it. When you throw the first lever, John radios Hawk again and tells him to get out. You're going to blow up the whole place. Throw the second lever and the whole place shakes with explosions.

The explosions open the door that leads out of this room and that's your cue to leave. Work your way around through the next room and find a small room with the door blown off its hinges. Go inside and press the button on the wall. John comments that this must be the control that turns off the wind tunnel.

Press the button and retrace your steps back through the room, up the ladder, around the corner and back to the platform where you fought the rocket launcher soldier. The door here slams shut blocking your path back to the elevator.

lE^V/ J V r x.j j -■ ' < ' * j - - j j _ j -■ - j --------* - ■ h j . j . j j j

i j 1« # j .' - j ..' _ j . j j j .-

  • j j j j J- j j j j j j j 4 j J j j v é .. .
  • j j j ^ ^ - h y i h j j j j -
  • y J J -i" y J j J- J _ .._'. _:_■_ . ^
  • J J j j j j j j j j j j- j j j j j j- j _. jk

» -p # - -p #- ■ # * ■ " f • ? ■ .»■ -*J. ^ ' yyj vxj ■.-■ vJ, ■ *j ■' y

There's a pile of twisted metal, pipes and boxes here that leads to an open air vent. Climb up, crouch and work your way through the vent. Drop down and follow a linear path through the vent and emerge on the elevator. It's wrecked, but at least you're out of the fire. Jump up on the bent metal brace and crawl up to the floor above you.

Head down the hallway towards the wind tunnel and up the stairs. The fans are off now so you can get through. There's a guard on the other end of this room now with a Slugthrower and he's deadly! Take him out carefully and go through the door on the other end of the room.

From here, the game cuts to a disturbing cinematic. Dekker has a gun to Hawk's head and he demands information from you. When you can't provide it, he executes Hawk and escapes. Enraged, you blast your way out of the room, set the explosives, and blow up the missile base.

Hawk's gone. It's time to go back to Lasky's Used Books and have a talk with Sam.


This level was another one that was built rather quickly. I wrote down lots of cool stuff that I thought would be entertaining to see on this level and then worked out a basic flow on paper. After that point it was pretty easy to build. This was actually the second time I built the level. The first time the level looked out of scale once we got the enemies in. I think I only used one area from the first version of the map. When building this I kept thinking about Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I tried to keep some areas primitive-looking with lots of woods while giving other areas an industrial/tech looking with metals. I like the idea of man-made stuff in conjunction with natural areas. The whole idea of this base being entirely underground in a cave made the visuals that much cooler.


Behind the facade of Lasky's Book Store lies a top-secret bunker where information and equipment is disseminated from the Shop. This location is 'owned and operated' by Sam Gladstone, a cover operative for the Shop for many years.

Make contact with Sam, familiarize yourself with the upcoming mission, and get f^S-ft movingl


Make contact with Sam

Equip yourself for your next mission

Ha m


We received this from Dekker yesterday:

" Judgment Day is coming. Prepare yourself for OUR New World Order."

Dekker's motives are clear. UN sanctions brought down South Africa's policy of apartheid and forced his exile.

His target is us.

"Jessica 6" has been linked to an undisclosed weapon being developed for the Japanese military at SUNI SYSTEMS, Tokyo. We believe Jessica 6 is the lead scientist on the project.

If Dekker captures her, we know he will construct and deliver the weapon[md]by rocket. Analysis of the missile base wreckage base in Sudan indicates he got away with one.

We have an operative waiting in a sushi bar near SUNI Headquarters. He will guide you into the building. Identify and protect Jessica 6 before Dekker can get her. And beware.

Recon tells us the Order has dealings with the local Yakuza.

Harm no SUNI employees. $70,000 at mission completion.

Our regrets about Hawk...


Bookstore Patrons, Sam

Dekker's motives are clear. UN sanctions brought down South Africa's policy of apartheid and forced his exile.

His target is us.

"Jessica 6" has been linked to an undisclosed weapon being developed for the Japanese military at SUNI SYSTEMS, Tokyo. We believe Jessica 6 is the lead scientist on the project.

If Dekker captures her, we know he will construct and deliver the weapon[md]by rocket. Analysis of the missile base wreckage base in Sudan indicates he got away with one.

We have an operative waiting in a sushi bar near SUNI Headquarters. He will guide you into the building. Identify and protect Jessica 6 before Dekker can get her. And beware.

Recon tells us the Order has dealings with the local Yakuza.

Harm no SUNI employees. $70,000 at mission completion.

Our regrets about Hawk...

  • j 1« # J .' - J ..' _ j . j j J .-
  • j j j j j- J j j j j j j 4 J j J J v .. .
  • J J J ^ ^ - H rf i H j J J J -
  • y J J -i" J J j J- J _ .._'. _:_■_ . ^
  • j j j j j j j j j j j j- j j j j j j- j _. ^

H i1 H ■■ J J J1 J ■■ _ J j J J J J _ j ■

Your final return to Lasky's Used Books comes under the grimmest of circumstances. Hawk is dead and it's a pretty safe bet that the Order is coming after you next. Rather than come in the front door, you decide it would be more prudent to meet Sam out back.

H i1 H ■■ J J J1 J ■■ _ J j J J J J _ j ■

Sam is sorry to hear about Hawk's death. He tells you to come inside because you've got work to do. He wants to nail the Order before they have a chance to strike again.

Follow Sam inside to one of the briefing rooms. He'll tell you about Dekker's motivations for wanting to create a new world order.

When the two of you finish your conversation, Sam tells you to get online. Go to the keyboard and giant view screen and "use" them to get your latest e-mail from the shop.


The armory was originally created by Brian Raffel and then handed to me for scripting and tweaking. Mike Renner added some of the finer points to the second and third armory level. The original idea behind the armory is two-fold. One, it is a place where the player can take a break and see where the story stands. On top of that, it lends a little insight into the mysterious company that the player works for. The hardest part was the scripting. I had to find a way to lock the player in the room so that he was forced to listen to Sam and Hawk. Some trickery, some forced movement, and it was good to go.

I t'j * sjj j mission: jessica six

In the heart of Tokyo lies SUNI Systems Inc. a high-tech corporation specializing in weapon systems and development. It is believed that the Order plans to kidnap someone that they have code named Jessica Six in order to create their own weapons of mass destruction.

Find Jessica Six and rescue her. Render aid to any and all civilians that you find.


Make contact and rescue Jessica Six Assist and rescue any civilians Neutralize any terrorist threat


Yakuza Henchmen

Restore power to elevator

other objectives

Locate friendly operative in sushi bar

Enter SUNI Corp through lower level parking garage

Restore power to elevator


  • i SA\ 11 11
  • II—*- — 1

The first level of the Japan mission starts up in an alley outside a Sushi restaurant. The opening cinematic shows John Mullins sneaking around a back alley preparing to move inside.

K^r/. j - - J v * H ^ » j /J /J J /J J j

  • j j . j j j jvijiijjj
  • j J'JVJ/J 1 |'.J|J iliJJiJJjJJJJ^J
  • i .. J J J - J - J J . J J J J * * J J J. J J J j j
  • gt;'W / ,J S ^>>

Head down to the end of the alley to find a door at the end on the right. This is the kitchen entrance to the restaurant. Go through the door and down a short flight of stairs and, just around the corner are two henchmen with submachineguns. Once you take them down, look down the hallway by the walk-in cooler to see a fire ladder leading up into the ceiling.

Work your way up into the rafters, until you find a ventilation shaft. John makes a comment to himself that this doesn't seem right and he's dead on. When you crawl through the ventilation system, a short way in you fall through the ceiling into the dining room below. It's a trap! You need to find cover and you have two options: jump behind the bar to your left or run into the hallway behind you. It's your choice, but there are six henchmen here to fight and if you stand out in the open you'll get cut down.

Once you've taken down these henchmen, exit the restaurant out the back way. There's a short flight of stairs that leads to a door which heads out to alley. Lean out and use the doorframe for cover as there are several thugs just outside.

The alleys back here are pretty straightforward. Lean around the corners to avoid surprises and, for the most part, you can cover your self and take out the Yakuza without too much difficulty. Blast the henchmen who are down at the end of an alley near a dumpster. Head down there even though it's a dead end. There is a health kit and some armor to help you on your way.

The alley you're looking for had a truck backed up at the end of it with a henchman firing from behind some crates. Once you've taken him out, head down the alley and through the door on the left side. This is the entrance to the parking garage. Head inside to see a car racing up the ramp and around the corner while a couple of thugs are firing at it from behind a closed gate. Take out the thugs and head off in the direction of the car.

J H J . . J j j i j i J * > j ' .. ' . J J 1 ■ * . J J . J J

Round the corner, to find that the car has crashed. Head down to the security station that monitors the parking garage. There are a few thugs hanging out inside, so watch your step. They shouldn't give you too much trouble. Once you're inside, check out the monitor views by "using" them in order to get a nice preview of what awaits you later on the level. Pressing the button on the wall raises the gate that was blocking your way earlier, and allows full access to the garage.

Go through the now open gate, and into a room full of cars. There are a few Yakuza here, so take them down using the cars for cover and head out the door at the back of the room. Through the door is a hallway that has access to the building's main elevators. John comments that the elevators are shut down and you need to cut the power so the emergency generators kick in. You need to head to the basement to do that.

You're on the second level. Don't bother going up as it ends at a locked door on the third level. Instead, head down the stairs.


''Tv*' jjjW'ir^

On the first floor there is a hallway with some elevator doors that have signs on them that say "out of service." The RMway is dark and leads to another level of parked cars. Don't bother looking around too hard on this first floor because there's no way out, yet.

  • rritv.H
  • J 4 <J * 4 j

& r * ,

  • rritv.H
  • J 4 <J * 4 j j J J j , J j * J * ^ * J

y --'-■--' -■ . . . d j J J J J J

  • j" " - h . j j j jvijijjj.
  • i . • J J j - J - J J . J j j j * * j j j j j j j

■■ ■ y J -i" J J- J _ . _ ... _■ _ . .1

jjjjjfj'jjjjjj-jjj-jjf'j j -M

Watch your back when you reach the basement level. There's a female Ninja at the bottom, and off to the side, of the stairs. Dispose of her, to open the door into darkness.

The first door on your left is locked and the first door on your right leads to a storeroom. Inside the storeroom are several boxes and crates. You can destroy them to reveal ammo and items to replenish your supply. Once you've stocked up, go back and continue down the hallway. Walk forward and around the corner to your left. The generator room you're looking for is there. There are a few thugs inside, so watch your step. Once you've dispatched them, throw the switch and the power will go out. Shortly thereafter, just as you planned, the emergency generators restore power.

Leave the generator room and head back the way you came. The locked door you encountered in the hallway is kicked open by one of the Yakuza thugs and is now open. Take him out and head inside. There's a ventilation duct here and you've got some crawling to do.

Follow the ventilation shaft and eventually you will end up back on the first floor in the "dead end" parking garage. But now, rather than being a dead end, it's actually a convenient jumping point for getting back upstairs to the elevators. That is, of course, after you take out all of the Yakuza thugs in the area. Use the confines of the ventilation duct as cover since it narrows your enemies' field of fire. This is a good time to toss out grenades or flash paks if you've got them.

Exit the garage into the hallway with the broken down elevators in it. There are two thugs here, but you can take them out by using the doorway for cover. Once they're down, head into the stairwell and back up towards the second floor.

j j -■ : - v j j .■ . ■ -.' ■-.■-.■ ' _ " _



Expect moderate resistance along the way, but your goal is in sight. When you reach the elevator level, watch out for a last second ambush. Once you've taken out the last guards, enter the elevator and you're on your way up to SUNI Systems' corporate headquarters.

jon zuk's comments

Did I do that? Oh, yeah. You see, the maps that we build aren't always the maps that we finish. Because of potential time constraints, this level was handed off to Matt Pinkston after I built it. With that said, I did create the layout for the level, and built a large majority of what you see.

However, this is actually the second version of JPN1 that was built. An older version was one of the first levels built for the game. As things started moving along, it was realized that the original just wasn't going to work with the confines of the gameplay. So, I took some of the architecture that another designer had built for that level, and created this version.

Japan is a very crowded place, so these alleys are supposed to feel confined. While shop fronts normally are only on streets in the U.S., in Japan, they stick them wherever they fit. Therefore, you find these back-alley shops that are closed for the night.

The parking garage was originally supposed to have many more cars, a crashing elevator, long winding air-ducts, and some hostages, but as the design moved along, we got away from some of these events. Putting all of that into the garage would have made that a level in itself. Instead, I concentrated on the feeling of a garage. I originally built it so that the levels really hooked up, but for gameplay sake, I put the gates in that block most of the way.

When it came to the halls for the elevators, I actually "borrowed" that bit from Scott McNutt. He already had the rest of the building built (JPN2 and JPN3), so I didn't feel the need to recreate it.

level: 2

o code: jpn2

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